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About Explore Meet the Team Customer Relations Sam Murdoch

Sam Murdoch

Customer Relations Supervisor

It’s difficult to decide where my most favourite destination in the world is, but I’ve narrowed it down to a choice between Hong Kong and Bangkok. The wonderful smells, sights and sounds of Hong Kong are enough of a draw to keep me exploring the city for weeks. Bangkok is just as enticing – the temples and palaces are incredible, but it’s the food that keeps me going back for more.

Having spent years in the travel industry, I’ve been lucky enough to visit a great many countries. My most recent trips have been closer to home – Europe is right on our doorstep and there’s so much to see – but I miss India, so that’s likely to be my next destination.

When one’s provided, I use the hotel room safe when I’m travelling and, having once left the contents behind, I now always lock one shoe inside as well. I haven’t forgotten any valuables since!

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