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About Explore Meet the Team Marketing Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor

Graphic Designer

Favourite holiday

Mexico! With no shortage of adventure, I found this destination catered for my every need. From discovering the historical wonders of Chichen Itza, visiting breathtaking beaches, zip-lining in the Yucat√°n jungle, swimming in cenotes, snorkelling one of the world’s longest underground cave systems and enjoying lively evenings in Playa del Carmen - the variation is vast! Another plus was seeing the mexican wildlife with many racoons and lizards around.

Where would you like to go next?

I would love to see more of Italy, the lakes, Rome and Tuscany. Also New York City with the 9/11 memorial site, Central Park, the Empire state building, Statue of Liberty and so much more.

Best piece of travel advice?

Push yourself to do things you perhaps normally wouldn’t. Collect items from your trips such as entry tickets - They are great to keep as memories and add to a photo album!

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