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About Explore Meet the Team Marketing Sarah Fowler

Sarah Fowler

Head of Marketing

One of my favourite places to visit is Greece. It’s the perfect mix for me of history and culture, combined with glorious weather, stunning scenery and golden sandy beaches. I’m secretly a bit of a history geek, so a real highlight for me was exploring the Minoan ruins and the ancient Palace of Knossos. Away from the busier tourist towns there are so many lovely mountain villages to discover, and although we ate at a different taverna every night, one thing that stayed consistent was the amazing fresh, delicious food we had at each one, and the friendliness of the locals – I was made to feel more like a family guest than a paying customer.

Where would I like to go next? I really want to spend more time in Italy – it’s a country which has all the things I love; warm climate, amazing food and rich culture. I’ve only been once, to Florence, but there’s so much more I’d like to see and experience.

My best piece of travel advice? Go with the flow – sometimes the most unforgettable experiences are the ones that haven’t been planned for.

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