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Prue Stone

Yield and Capacity Manager

Favourite holiday destination?

My holidays all gravitate towards two things; wildlife or outdoor activities. My favourite country for safari was Botswana. I did our Botswana Safari trip and the camping element allows you to really immerse yourself in the national parks, waking to the distant (and not so distant!) sounds of roaming animals and capturing those moments on camera that will last a lifetime. Borneo is also a huge highlight, from the monkeys, snakes, insect and birdlife on land and the incredible scuba opportunities under the surface. In winter I always like to escape to the Alps for at least a week and on a sunny summer’s day nothing beats a day by the beach in Cornwall or Devon.

Where would you like to go next?

Canada, but I’m still deciding in which season. Autumn perhaps to try and see bears and salmon, and the beautiful autumnal colours, winter for skiing or summer for the great chance of viewing orca as they follow the migrating salmon. I’d love to see more of southern Africa and I haven’t been to South America yet so I’d love the chance to go there too.

Best piece of travel advice?

Take an incredible photo and then sit back and enjoy what you are looking at. It is all too easy to sit behind a lens and concentrate so hard on the one image that you miss all of the atmosphere. In India, in what felt like the deepest corners of “The Jungle Book”, I would be sitting, staring down a lens, holding my breath, waiting for “that” shot of the tigers, before I remembered to sit back and take it all in. Only then did I truly appreciate where I was and how frequently I was only metres (and sometimes inches) from some of the most captivating animals in our kingdom.

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