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Melissa Garland

E-Sales Manager

My funniest travel moment was when I travelled to Siberia with a group of friends. Siberia is home to huge ‘ice slides’, the size of roller coasters but akin to bob sleigh tracks. My other half and his friends drunk one too many vodkas one night (when in Siberia…) and decided it was worth a go.

The guy who climbed the ladder to the slide first lost his nerve and came to a sudden stop at the top. The men all fell backwards on top of one another, which was funny in itself, but undeterred they tried once again. For some reason they all decided to slide down together at the same time - there was a lot of giggling then, “One, Two, arrrrgh” as they all went flying down the slide in a bundle of arms and legs. They landed in the snow at the other end in fits of hysterical laughter - that taught them to behave!

Because of this, I always take my camera and my journal with me when I travel. Whilst memories can fade, you can’t beat your own cracking shots and personal anecdotes to re-kindle the fire you felt when you were there. 

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