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Sarah Phelps

Specialist Travel Consultant

I am not sure how I fell into Travel, but I am very glad I did! My introduction was Egypt – a country which still fascinates and intrigues me today. Over the years I have visited many countries. However, my newest love is Africa . My first taster was a visit to Northern and Southern Tanzania where I was introduced to the thrilling world of Safari. To see such majestic animals in their natural surroundings topped all my travel experiences so far. I am now a ‘Safari Junky’ and have gone on to visit Kruger and the Eastern Cape Game reserves in South Africa, Etosha in Namibia and the truly amazing Botswana!!

Perhaps the most unique country I have visited is Ethiopia – it surpassed all my expectations. The influence of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church transports you back to the world of the Old Testament and the culture and traditions date back over 3000 years. Throw in the stunning Simien Mountains , the ‘Camelot Castles’ of Gondar and the endearing local people and you have a truly fantastic holiday. My advice is to get there soon before it catches up with the rest of the world!

I’ve yet to explore Uganda and the magnificent Mountain Gorillas.   This would be next on my list.

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