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Fiona Yau

Flight Systems Consultant

My favourite holiday was when I visited Hong Kong as a child. I was born and raised in the UK so it was exciting to see where my parents grew up. I stayed with my grandmother while I was there, who lives in a house with basic amenities by a beautiful rural area. I was surprised about how much contrast there was in one small region – just a few minutes down the road from her house was a large, modern town full of tall buildings! The highlights of my holiday included travelling on an evening ferry to see Hong Kong lit up at night; riding a cable car and getting a sublime view from above; and the weird, wonderful foods I ate!

My dream is to visit Japan one day. I am fascinated by Japanese culture and I would love to get some items ticked off my Japan bucket list, which is full of quirky things such as visiting Okunoshima – an island full of rabbits that roam the forests as well as the streets!

My best piece of travel advice is to learn a few simple phrases in the national language of the countries you visit. It’s fun being able to communicate with locals, even if it’s only a very brief exchange of words! Plus, it’s handy if you need to ask for help!

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