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About Explore Meet the Team Flights Stephanie Wythe

Stephanie Wythe

Flight Systems Executive

What was your favourite holiday

My favourite holiday destination I would have to say is France, I know it’s not the most tropical of destinations but Paris is undoubtedly my favourite city and the South of France has some beautiful walks among the vineyards and along the canals and beaches. Also, very delicious food and wine!

Where would you like to go next?

Where would I like to go next… well I have always wanted to go to Japan; again for the food, but also to soak up some of the local culture and listen to some Japanese pop music!

strong>What is your best piece of travel advice

My travel advice, Aloe Vera – I always have some Aloe Vera gel with me when I go on holiday. It is a brilliant moisturiser, and put it in the fridge all day and it works as a soothing after sun!

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