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Laura Dewar

Media & Partnerships Manager 

Favourite Holiday destination?
That’s a tough one. I’d have to say Peru has been my favourite destination so far. Sites like Machu Picchu and the Colca Canyon absolutely live up to expectation, and I was lucky enough to travel down the Peruvian Amazon on a river boat, where we fished for pirhana, watched sloths lazily following the line of the river, and swam with river dolphins. It’s a spectacular country, where the scenery, culture, food and wildlife all come together to guarantee an unforgettable trip. 

Where would you like to go next?
I have a long list that’s growing all the time, but at the very top of that list is Bhutan. Everything about this tiny Kingdom appeals to me – the culture, the festivals, the mountains, and the fact that they measure ‘gross national happiness’.  

Best piece of travel advice?
Give it a try! Whether it’s trying local food and drink, attending a festival or exploring by tuk tuk… absorbing the culture and doing as locals do is the best way to get under the skin of a place. 

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