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About Explore Meet the Team Marketing Rebecca Bray

Rebecca Bray

Junior Graphic Designer 

 Favourite Holiday destination?
My favourite place to explore is France. It is full of culture, foods and not forgetting Disney Land! I spend two weeks driving and camping around France for my Honeymoon and we discovered so many wonderful places, such as The Green Venice, which I’d highly recommend visiting.

Where would you like to go next?
I have also wanted to visit Costa Rica. It’s a country full of amazing wildlife and many different areas to visit. From the rainforests to the Caribbean beaches. It’s on my bucket list!

Best piece of travel advice?
Go with the flow. There’s only so long you can stick to a plan/route, and most of the time you discover the best things/places by accident. Let out the explorer in you, try something new and maybe even learn a new language.

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