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About Explore Meet the Team Product Antony Barton

Antony Barton

Family Programme Manager

Your Favourite Holiday destination?

Pre kids, Peru, closely followed by Nepal, it’s a close call between the two. I love mountains and trekking; these two passions come together perfectly in both these countries. Spectacular vistas, ever changing landscapes, the friendliest people and a challenging trek with space to let the mind wander, the ultimate pursuit to switch off for the everyday pressures of life.
My favorited trek was the Alpamayo circuit in Northern Peru. Flying to Lima, we got a local bus to the northern city of Huaraz where we met our trusted band of guides (cook, muleteer and trekking guide) setting off for a for a 12 day hike. In the first nine days we saw 6 other hikers. Passing over high mountain passes, walking through local villages and seeing giant condors flying overhead; the highlight was summiting Mount Pisco at 5,750m in the Cordillera Blanca about 60 km north of Huaraz; it felt like we were on top of the world.

Where would you like to go next?

Having two very lively young boys has inevitably evolved our holiday habits. We were determined to get  the boys into walking from an early age and headed back  to Chamonix this summer for a weeks walking around the Tour de Mount Blanc. Chamonix is brilliantly set up for families with almost all the cable cars running throughout the summer, great for avoiding long stretches of uphill and a hit with the boys.
I’d love to take the family to Sri Lanka. Its compact enough to be able to see the best of the country in just over a week, close enough to survive the long haul flight with youngsters in tow and varied enough to offer a great introduction to different cultures; I hope it will spark the spirit of adventure in them as it’s done with me.

Best piece of travel advice?

Here are my top 3 tips for travelling with children
1. Embrace social media. Sharing your best Instagram shot amongst friends and family and amongst the group keeps those memories alive long after you get back home. Why not enter our family photographer of the year competition for a chance to win £500 off your next adventure with Explore!
2.  Follow a dream. It is always heartening to hear stories from past Explore family travellers of moments on a trip that has sparked an interest in a new hobby; even more rewarding when that leads to a life changing career decision. You never know where your next adventure might lead!
3. Stay local. Our hotels may not have the latest spas and interactive audio /TV’s but what we promise is an experience that gets you closer to the country we visit; from mud huts in Sri Lanka, rustic cabins in Finland and a Hogan tepee in the USA – its all part of the experience.

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