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About Explore Meet the Team Product Clare Collins

Clare Collins

Product Manager

Favourite holiday destination?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite country especially when there are still so many places I’m eager to discover. In Europe I think I’d have to pick Iceland. I travelled here in the summer, so got to experience the midnight sun, which is such a strange sensation – walking back to your hotel at gone midnight, but still in perfect daylight. There are so many natural attractions to see here from thundering waterfalls to spouting geysers. The people are lovely and I was fascinated by their tales of trolls and mighty gods from the old world.

Further afield I have a soft spot for Canada, as the snowy winter scenery is just the perfect picture-postcard image. Also, South Africa blew my mind – the wildlife, culture, history – it’s simply a must to go and experience it for yourself.

Where would you like to go next?

I have been lucky enough to visit a number of countries and experience the sights and sounds that they have to offer, but there are still so many on my bucket list. I’d say that top of my list at the moment is Mexico. I love Mexican food and music and I’ve always been fascinated by the colourful local culture, beautiful scenery and abundant Mayan history. I’d love to visit whilst the ‘Day of Dead’ celebrations are taking place. Sri Lanka and Egypt are in a close second and third place on my hit list though.

Best piece of travel advice?

My top tip would be to turn off your phone. Get away somewhere new and really immerse yourself in the experience – forget about your emails and checking your social media updates. Take the time to really look around, get off the tourist paths, try the food and interact with the locals. Also, be careful when using squat loos to ensure there’s nothing that will fall out of your pockets!

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