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About Explore Meet the Team Product Hannah Methven

Hannah Methven

Worldwide Programme Manager

Favourite holiday destination?

Without doubt India is my favourite place to travel. I get bored very easily and so the variety India offers is ideal.   There is always something to look at, someone to talk to or something delicious to eat. People there are welcoming and genuinely interested in why you are travelling, often giving you tips and helping you discover things you won’t find in a guidebook.  Spotting one-horned rhinos and Indian blue roller birds in Kaziranga National Park, watching traditional warrior displays at the Nagaland Hornbill festival and relaxing on a houseboat on Kashmir’s beautiful Lake Dal are some of my favourite Indian memories. 

Where would you like to go next?

My list is very long, and changes regularly as I hear from friends and colleagues coming back from incredible places.  The top spot at the moment is held by Costa Rica as the combination of volcanoes and searching for sloths chilling out in the trees sounds incredible!

Best piece of travel advice?

Say Yes! To early starts, to street food, to visiting places you might not have heard of.  Take every opportunity to experience something new and you’ll come away with fantastic memories.

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