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About Explore Meet the Team Product Naomi Jackson

Naomi Jackson

Senior Operations Manager

Granada has to be one of my favourite places. Sat up in the hills in front of an old church looking out over the Alhambra Palace, with a whole city below and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance, watching the sunset is when I fell in love with Spain. There is an in-depth history of religious and political conflict but it has left a cosmopolitan environment with beautiful architecture, amazing cuisine and a very relaxed bohemian feel to the place. 

Be adventurous! There is so much advice when you go travelling that it becomes easy to miss things and be a little too cautious. A typical example is what to eat and what not to eat, obviously use your common sense but some of the best food I had on my travels was from the street vendors and the small locally run restaurants. 

I would love to travel with David Attenborough! He may be a few years my senior but I think with his passion for travel and wildlife he would make an amazing travelling buddy, and I imagine he has few tales worth telling too!

I love trying different food abroad, Spanish tapas is always delicious, fresh fish is also a fave but, surprisingly, a meal that springs to mind for me is a potato and cauliflower curry I had in Pai, Thailand. It was a very cheap dish for a backpacker’s budget but it was gorgeous and it’s a taste that can’t be found in the UK! The best Thai food is found in far north Thailand where they cook in a more traditional style rather than trying to cater for the westerners as they do on the Islands and in Bangkok.

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