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Shy Bankale

Operations Manager

Favourite holiday destination?

For me the last country I visit is always my favourite place in the world, as it is somewhere I always wanted to travel to. Recently I travelled around Myanmar (Burma) and it is such a fantastic and fascinating country. The people are welcoming and inquisitive, the local salads and street food are amazing, and the landscape and deserted beaches are wonderful. The culture of this country is abundant with numerous temples and barefooted Buddhist Monks eager to practice their English. Myanmar is a delight to visit as mass tourism has not reached here yet so it is great to explore.

Where would you like to go next?

I love travelling and have a wish list of countries and places I am aiming to visit. At the top of my list is Jordan for the Rose City of Petra and Namibia for its vast and unique landscape.

Best piece of travel advice?

Get talking to the locals where you are. They can give you great up to date information on what to see and do and when is the best time to see it. They can also tell you of great local places to eat and what to eat and where to buy local gifts at a good price.

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