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If you like the idea of joining an easy paced tour with plenty of time to relax, then this is the tour pace for you. Adventure holidays don’t need to be hard work! You can enjoy easy-going activities and experiences on these Relaxed pace tours, with opportunities to absorb the sights and immerse yourself in the local surroundings, but still come home feeling relaxed and refreshed. You’ll have the chance to unwind and do your own thing, whether that’s relaxing on the beach, taking time out by the pool, or swinging in a hammock reading your book. 

Many of our Relaxed pace tours are based on boats. Whether you’re aboard a gulet in Turkey, a caique in Greece or a dhoni in the Maldives, the gentle pace of any boat journey makes it all too easy to unwind and put your feet up. On these tours you’ll find there’s plenty of time to swim and snorkel, soak up the sunshine and enjoy long, leisurely days in the fresh sea air.

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