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Responsible Travel

Responsible tourism is - and always has been - one of the driving principles of Explore. We care deeply about travelling in a way that positively impacts the people and places we visit. To us responsible travel means that:

We ensure people who work for Explore are treated fairly and paid a fair wage
We learn about and respect the customs and culture of the country we are visiting so that we do not offend local people
We ensure that local people benefit economically by employing them as leaders, guides and drivers - and by eating in local restaurants and using locally owned hotels where possible
We minimise our impact on the environment by travelling in small groups, offsetting our carbon emissions, reducing waste and supporting conservation projects

We’ve worked hard at these things to ensure we are welcomed in the places we all love to visit, meaning local people benefit and our groups enjoy a better trip. It could be through some of our great community based tourism experiences, meeting local people or experiencing the pristine wilderness and leaving it untouched. Want to see how your tour makes a difference? Have a look at the Earthmatters box on every tour.

Statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Explore Worldwide strives to make ethical business choices when it comes to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking and will not knowingly support or deal with any business that engages in such practices. Furthermore, Explore Worldwide confirms that it does not engage in modern slavery or human trafficking and that it is takes reasonable steps with its supply chain to ensure it is not supporting modern slavery or human trafficking in any way.
This statement will be reviewed and published annually. This Statement is for the financial year ended 31st October 2018

John Telfer
Managing Director

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