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Mua Mission

The Mua Mission was founded in 1902 and provides invaluable support in terms of health and educational projects to its local population of 22,000. With the help of our customers we plan to work with the Mua Hospital’s ante-natal clinic where around 100 babies are born each month. 

We offer our customers travelling on our Malawi & South Luangwa tour the chance to donate $10 which will be used to purchase a mosquito net. The net will then be donated by the Mua Mission to mothers and their vulnerable babies. These can also be used to assist the Hope Clinic who take care of over 1,500 HIV infected patients whose low immunity means that they are also susceptible to malaria.

Over 90% of malaria deaths occur in Africa, it is the leading cause of child mortality, claiming the life of a child every 45 seconds. Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease with insecticides, medicines and vaccines, but the most obvious source of prevention is the use of mosquito nets. By working with the Mua Mission, we are hoping to reduce the number of deaths caused by malaria.

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