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Explore HQ

At Explore, we work hard to ensure that we are responsible in everything we do. It’s not just what goes on overseas that counts, we also apply the same principles to our UK operation. We have established strong policies and systems which are fully ingrained into our daily business.

We have a dedicated Responsible Business Forum (RB Forum) who meet to discuss and implement ways to optimise our operations overseas as well as here in the UK. The team welcomes ideas from around the business and engages staff by asking for input wherever possible.

In recent years, we’ve fitted solar panels to reduce our emissions, switched to glass milk bottles to reduce our plastic wastage and installed waterless urinals at our head office. We also encourage our staff to give back to the local community – recent examples include food donations for a nearby homeless charity and litter picking at a local nature reserve.

Explore’s Responsible Tourism ethos is at the heart of everything we do, and isn’t simply a gimmick. As a company we like to get on with things at grass roots level – and we enjoy it.

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