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Energy Saving in the Office

Since 2015 Explore has made significant changes at our head office in Farnborough to continually work towards being a more responsible business. We have installed solar panels, changed over to LED lighting, we use water machines to replace electric kettles, replaced our old hand dryers with new energy saving dryers and secured more bike racks to support our staff who choose to cycle to work. We are working towards a completely paperless office, reducing our printing, using a closed paper loop and minimising all forms of waste.

Being “responsible”, however, is not only about costly investments and long term gain. The Responsible Business Forum are always thinking of new ways to challenge old habits and behaviours of our staff, using reminders to turn off lights, removing most bins so staff have to remember to recycle everything possible, and most recently we have bought all members of staff reusable cups to replace the non-recyclable versions handed out at various coffee chains.

Going forward we will be focusing on reducing plastic usage inhouse and overseas. We have alreday swapped plastic milk bottles for old fashioned glass ones - Team Explore like a cuppa! We have also equipped all of our staff with their own hemp bags, water bottles and coffee cups. Although we can't make all of the changes we'd like to immediately, we recongnise that every small change counts and will be working continuously to reduce our plastic impact. 

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