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Regional Tour Leader Awards

Two years ago we launched a new award scheme after the success of our Tour Leader Awards. Due to so many nominations in single countries we thought it would be a good idea to run regional awards, allowing us to be able to reward more of our great leaders around the world on an ongoing basis.

We first ran this between our Tour Leaders in India and Thailand. Using customer feedback, Explore staff together with our local partners in both countries, chose a winner in India and another one in Thailand. The prize was an Explore trip to each others respective countries. As this was a great success we have now expanded it across the world and the exchanges we are now running are:

Jordan and Spain –

Maxi, our winning leader from Spain, went to Jordan and travelled on Spice Trails of Petra. 
Mohamed Abdulla, our Jordanian winner, explored Spain.

Cuba and Peru –

Pabel Perez, our winning Peruvian leader, visited Cuba.
Ernesto Calderon, our winning Cuban leader, travelled to Peru.

Turkey and Morocco -

Mohamed Et Taleb from Morocco visited Turkey.
Firat Solak, our winning Turkish leader, visited Morocco on Imperial Cities and Desert.

Poland and Albania -

Kasia, our winning Polish leader, travelled to Albania. 
Biedar Jubani from Albania visited Poland. 

Iceland and Malta -

Christine from Malta visited Iceland.
Hakon, who leads in Iceland, joined a tour in Malta.

India and Burma -

Burma's Hay Mar will be visiting India in November.
Rajesh from India visited Burma.

India and Thailand -

Winning Indian leader Lukose will discover Thailand in November.
Wit from Thailand will join a trip in India in October.

Guatemala and Peru -

Manuel from Guatemala will get to join a group in Peru.
A leader from Peru will soon be chosen to visit Guatamala.

While on their exchange, the Tour Leaders get a taste of what it is like to be 'on the other side' of a tour. They also get to share thoughts and experiences with their tour leading colleagues from another country. They also write blogs about their experiences upon their return and we'll link them here as and when we receive them.

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