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One of the prizes the winner receives is to choose a charity of their choice where 50% of their winnings will be donated to their chosen charity.
We shared the exciting news with Abdallah and he's chosen the following charity:

"The award will make me work harder to ensure every client visiting Jordan will have an unforgettable experience.
I would like to donate half of this prize to the Orphans Centre in Petra (my birthplace), this will help some orphans to have a better education and better health care. So, Explore's support will not be limited to tourist sectors but will go further to support more local communities."

Tell us about yourself

I was born in Petra, Jordan in 1971. I worked as an officer in the Jordan Armed Forces. In 2015, I retired as colonel. After that I worked in a travel agency in Jordan and during the same time I participated in a  tour guide training course for 6 months where I graduated top of my class. I hold a BA in English Literature and Higher Diploma (equivalent to Master) in Regional and International relations from Rome Italy. I like travelling, I've been to more than 60 countries  so far. 

Which Explore tours do you lead?

Mostly the Jordan tours: Jordan Discovery and Treasures of Jordan 

How long have you worked for Explore?
8 years

What is your favourite local food?
Mansaf (Lamb cooked in Yoghurt).

Trips led by Abdallah

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Jordan | Discovery | Trip code DJD
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What do you most love sharing with Explore groups?

Everything. General information, the history of my birthplace/ Petra and local habits like marriage, Bedouins traditions...etc. 

What are you most proud of in your country?
Safety,  rich history, hood and people/how friendly they are. 

What do travellers find most surprising when they visit?
Diversity, travellers see mountains, green areas, valleys and deserts. Diverse history starting from the Neolithic, Pottery, Chalcolithic, Bronze, Iron, Greek ,Roman Nabatean, Byzantine, Islamic, Crusaders and Ottomans eras.

Customer reviews

Abdallah is a truly exceptional leader with Explore leader superpowers! His first superpower is that he wanted us all to get the absolute maximum from the trip and went the extra mile on effort and initiative every day to ensure the group and every individual had the absolute best time. For example, taking us to a special sunset, recommending special walks in Petra. I know that your leaders are all fantastic, but to me Abdallah stands out from that high standard - it is genuinely thanks to Abdallah's leadership that this was an unforgettable trip for me, and the reason why I will definitely be booking another Explore trip.

- Explore customer

I have never had a tour leader who went to such extreme lengths to make sure that participants had the opportunity to see everything and understand what they were looking at. His depth of knowledge on every topic was outstanding. He anticipated every issue and fixed any problems that arose. He was aware of the different capabilities of the group and kept everyone safe. The best tour manager I have ever had.

- Explore customer

Abdallah was by far the best tour leader I've ever had. He was very aware of the individual abilities of everyone in the group and ensured we all made the most out of the tour. He is very knowledgable, helpful, kind and friendly. The group got on very well together and in fact several people said to me personally it was the best group holiday they had ever had. I think that was largely due to Abdallah who has a very calming authority that is reassuring on a group holiday where people have very widely differing abilities whether that be fitness of experiene of travelling. It will probably be difficult to go on another group holiday and not compare the Explore leader to Abdallah. He really is excellent.

- Explore customer

Abdallah went far beyond what one expects from a tour guide. He was, of course, completely knowledgable about the sites we saw, the history, the dates, etc. But he was always kind and funny, and made our group cohere. But I was especially grateful to him for his personal assistance to me. I am 70 years old and I have some issues with mobility and Abdallah helped me physically so many times up onto a camel, into a jeep, up stairs, along narrow ledges high up in the mountains and he never made me feel as if I were imposing on him. I don't think a tour guide's duties extend to being a person assistant to one of the tourists, but he took up that role. This man went far, far beyond what was required of him.

- Explore customer