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Our climate action plan

We believe we will have the most comprehensive climate action plan in the industry. We’ve given ourselves until November 2021 to have finalised and confirmed each element of our four-step plan: measure, reduce, mitigate and communicate.
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In January 2020, Explore was a founding signatory of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency. The next step of this has been the development of a climate action plan. Our plan will help protect the planet we love as we re-emerge ready to build back better . 

Our climate action plan has four elements; measure, reduce, mitigate and communicate. We have given ourselves until November 2021, when the UK is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, to have finalised and confirmed each element of our plan. 

We are striving to have the most comprehensive climate action plan in the industry. We will build a network of new relationships and partnerships to ensure our commitments are embedded in all of our decisions and all of our product, and that our promises are never misleading. We will inevitably make mistakes, and not every target will be hit, but we know that we must aim high to spark systemic change. We will communicate our failings and successes, and keep our plan up to date as we adapt.   


We believe that just as our trips have a monetary cost, they also have an associated cost to the planet.  We want to be able to accurately measure the carbon footprint of each of our trips, in depth, and to publish the results on our website. We have seen our peers do this admirably, in our own industry and beyond, and part of our plan will involve improving our current measurements and the transparency of our communication to customers, with clear labels and detailed information.


Measurement alone is not enough. We have always been committed to reducing our footprint, both on the climate and the natural world, and this commitment is stronger than ever. To enhance our existing approach, and to ensure we are on target to hit the Paris agreement, we are investigating verified science-based target reductions to independently verify that our contribution will help keep global warming below 2 degrees from pre-industrial levels .


We proudly offset our residual carbon (for all of our trips and all international flights that we book, as well as for our Head Office) with ClimateCare, but our new action plan will see us move to a much more comprehensive mitigation strategy. We are looking to invest over £1 million  in the coming three years, across three areas: rewilding, protection and offsetting. 
•     Increasing the global carbon sinks available, working with a rewilding and restoration partner
•    Protecting existing ancient rainforest, where complex ecosystems thrive and where carbon is already stored
•    Carbon-offsetting to channel funds to verified projects globally, reducing the overall atmospheric carbon volume


…and collaborate. The final part of our action plan is all about communication and collaboration. It is about celebrating our victories and those of our peers so we can all make the progress that so urgently needs to be made. It’s also about being honest about our failings, so that others don’t go down the same path and we all lose valuable time and resources: two things we are distinctly lacking in this emergency. It is about bringing everyone with us on this journey; our customers, our staff, our partners. 


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