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Explore x Cool Earth - a decade of partnership

We work alongside Cool Earth to support indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest in Peru through community engagement, education and empowerment. Protecting carbon-rich rainforest is key to averting climate breakdown, and we work together to develop sustainable livelihoods that outprice deforestation.


Who are Cool Earth and what do they do?

Cool Earth is a climate change charity with offices in Peru, Papua New Guinea and the UK. They work with Indigenous peoples and local communities to protect rainforests and fight the climate crisis.

Rainforests are the best carbon-storing tech we already have to fight climate change. They can help us achieve up to a third of the necessary carbon reductions to address the climate crisis. And the best way to do that is by working with and listening to the people that live there.

With our support, Cool Earth's rainforest partners can fund projects that create autonomy, freedom and education, fuelling direct action in the biggest rainforest carbon sinks on Earth in the Amazon, New Guinea and Congo rainforests.

From cacao to fish farms, to satellites in space and careers in conservation, our work with Cool Earth invests in the very best people to protect rainforest, giving them the power to drive sustainable income, create food security and enable needed climate adaptation. By giving people exactly what they need to thrive, despite the pressures, rainforest and the carbon stored in it will stay there for thousands of years to come. When this happens tropical rainforest stays healthy, carbon is captured and the earth is cooled.

Where does Cool Earth work?

Cool Earth works in three of the world’s major rainforest biomes and across 40 projects, from Peru to Papua New Guinea to Cameroon. They support local people to tackle a range of threats to their forest. Explore specifically donates towards Cool Earth's projects in the rainforest of Peru, one of our most popular and loved travel destinations.


How long has Explore worked with Cool Earth?

Explore has been a proud supporter of Cool Earth for ten years. In this time we've donated more than £150,000!


How much does Explore donate to Cool Earth for my booking?

Explore donates £2 for every customer booked to travel with us to Cool Earth. Explore's donations specifically fund projects in Peru, as one of our most popular and best-loved travel destinations.

What projects does that money support?

Explore has been funding Cool Earth’s projects in the Peruvian Amazon, with the Asháninka

Without sustainable income sources for food and medicine, rainforest communities are often forced to sell their rainforest to meet basic necessities of life. With your backing, Indigenous peoples and local communities have the choice and control to decide how to allocate resources where they are needed most.

Your funding helps the Asháninka create long-term alternatives to deforestation through a series of community-led programs. Whether it's forest monitoring, cacao farming, wildfire prevention, or coffee production, it empowers those who know best how to protect the rainforest and keep the trees standing by giving them control over their land and resources.

What impact do Explore's donations have?

As one of Cool Earth’s longest-standing partners (2024 marks our 10th anniversary of working together!), Explore continues to be a key supporter of its Peruvian Amazon projects. Through our support, Cool Earth has been able to grow its partnerships with Indigenous peoples and local communities, building trust and continuing to develop, share, and scale up the best ways to protect the rainforest.

All of this will help them to ensure leadership is in the hands of the people who live in the rainforest; those who know best when it comes to managing their land.

With our collective support and their knowledge, we'll work to end deforestation and fight the climate crisis.


How can I find out more?

Check out the excellent work being done at You can also sign up for their newsletter or follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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