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Animal welfare policy

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The United Nations 15th sustainable development goal centres on our ecosystems, forests, desertification and biodiversity. And what a poignant, sobering and challenging year 2020 has been to date with unprecedented wildfires and probable zoonotic diseases showcasing the fragility of the world around us.
Explore has seized our moment of quiet to reassess how we operate, where we travel, how we get there and our responsibilities to the local communities and ecosystems.
We have rewritten our animal welfare policy alongside our charity partners Born Free and consultancy Animondial. Whilst not all of our trips are wildlife centric, they are all reliant on the delicate balance between humans and nature to create biodiverse or dramatic landscapes alongside culturally diverse experiences which underpin our love of travel.

We are currently finalised the details of our policy and we will publish a full version here soon.

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