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Ten unusual places to visit as a solo traveller

Any of our small group tours are perfect for solo travellers as you'll be sharing your experiences with like-minded people, and travelling with an expert local guide. Skip the typical tourist destinations and discover ten of our most unusual places to visit as a solo traveller.
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This fascinating land-locked country is full of archaeological sites and ancient ruins, all set against a stunning mountain backdrop. Visit Armenia, as well as its neighbours Georgia and Azerbaijan, on a Discovery tour that's jam-packed with culture and history. From the capital city of Yerevan, we visit the 7th century ruins of the Zvartnots, its remaining columns set against a magnificent backdrop of the snowy peaks of Mount Ararat.
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This up-and-coming destination is perfect for solo travellers looking for something different, all with the reassurance of travelling with a small group and the knowledge of a local guide. Explore the fascinating Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bokhara and Khiva on our Wonders of the Silk Road tour.  The dazzlingly colourful palaces and madrasahs of Uzbekistan are like nowhere else.
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Burma (Myanmar)

You may have been to the popular South-East Asia destinations of Thailand or Vietnam, but how about Burma, also known as Myanmar? This lesser-travelled, culture-rich country has loads to offer, with ancient kingdoms and intricate pagodas to explore. See all the very best of Burma on our three-week Burma In Depth trip. We don't just visit the famous Bagan as most tourists do; we'll also explore the hidden gems like Inle Lake, where we visit locals and see the  traditional boat-making and silk weaving, and hopefully spot some local fishermen practising their distinctive leg-rowing technique.
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For a country full of variety, look no further than Colombia and our Contrasts of Colombia trip. Not only do we visit the Caribbean coast and the lush, green coffee region, but we contrast the modern city of Medellin with the more traditional Andean culture found in Bogota. The food is a definite highlight of Colombia, and you'll get plenty of opportunity to try it, from Bandeja Paisa, the national dish, to pandebono, a traditional bread made with cheese, frequently served with guava paste. You'll even get to have a go at cooking it yourself with a cookery class in a traditional hacienda. 
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Benin is certainly not a common holiday destination, but there are lots of unique hidden gems to be discovered. The people are what make this country, and you'll have plenty of opportunity to meet the locals on our Benin and Togo Voodoo Discovery tour.  The trip includes staying in a stilt village and watching dancing mask and Voodoo ceremonies; this is an itinerary that couldn't be matched if you were travelling on your own.  
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The spotlight has been on the abandoned town of Pripyat ever since the popular 'Chernobyl' mini-series hit our TV screens, so why not explore the Exclusion Zone yourself? Not easy to visit on your own, our Discover Chernobyl tour makes it easy. We'll spend two days in the Zone with a local guide to show you around and share their knowledge of the event. We should be even able to meet with people who have returned to live in the Exclusion Zone, known as self-settlers, to hear their stories of what their lives were like before, during and after the explosion.
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The Baltics

Visit three Baltic countries in just a week on our Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania walking trip. This group tour takes in a variety of landscapes from medieval towns, forts and castles to coastal national parks and even bogs, where you can have a go at bog walking! Sharing this unique experience of exploring is a sure way to get to know the rest of your group.
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Jordan is a popular destination right now, but why not explore it in a different way? Our Jordan cycling trip is ideal for solo travellers looking for an active holiday that combines moderate cycling with history and culture. Descend by bike down towards Petra, where we spend three nights, giving ample time to explore the vast site. Once you've walked through the deep and narrow gorge at the entrance you'll be met by a guide for a tour of all the key parts of this astounding 'Rose City'. 
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Breathe in unspoilt mountain air on our Romania walking trip. This moderate to challenging trip includes one of the most spectacular ridge walks in Europe, in the Piatra Craiului mountains with incredible views of the southern Carpathians. Some sections of this walk are not suitable for vertigo sufferers. What better way to make new friends than high up in the mountains on a breathtaking walk!
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Head to the Balkans for spectacular scenery, delicious food and warm hospitality. Get to see the little-known gems of Bosnia and its neighbour by bike on our Cycle Bosnia and Montenegro tour. Cycle through deciduous forests, mountain farmlands and a remarkable gorge of the Drina Valley before crossing into Montenegro, where we'll stay in an eco village. The chalets have great views over the valley and lake below, and we'll get to try the traditional Montenegrin fare for dinner.
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Ready for your solo adventure?

All our trips are perfect for solo travellers as you'll be joining a small group of like-minded people and be led by an expert local leader. Which extraordinary destination will you choose to visit next?
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