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5 Netflix series to watch for their locations

When your own four walls feel uninspiring, treat yourself to some escapism, Netflix-style. Right now, the locations are just as attention-grabbing as the characters and plots themselves. Escape to another corner of the world with one of these Netflix series.


Narcos - Colombia

Set in colourful Medellin, Narcos tells the story of Pablo Escobar and his Medellin Cartel during the 70s and 80s. Colombia's second-largest city provides the backdrop for the drama and action that propel the audience through the lives of the gangs and law-enforcers as the story unfolds. Nowadays Medellin has a more tranquil vibe but its modern history is the context for this intriguing tale.

Marco Polo - Mongolia & Kazakhstan

Based on the story of Marco Polo's life, this fictionalisation has everything a good action-packed period drama needs. Whilst the historical accuracy can be taken with a pinch of salt, the landscapes of the Asian Steppe add a certain grandeur and certainly expand your horizons beyond your own living room. You'll soon be yearning to see the Silk Road in person.

The Witcher - Canary Islands

If you enjoyed Game of Thrones, The Witcher will probably be right up your street. Based on the books and video game of the same name, this comedy fantasy story makes for great escapism. The Canary Islands provide the perfect setting, most notably Roque Nublo which is instantly recognisable; you'll feel as though you've been transported there.

The Durrells - Corfu

This light-hearted depiction of life with the Durrell Family in the 30s is a great bit of escapism, with the island of Corfu - where it's set - looking utterly enticing. Filmed on location, the local town's character shines through; it certainly makes you want to wander the charming streets in search of your own Corfu adventure.

Our Planet - Earth

This documentary is another one to add to the annals of Sir David Attenborough. Filmed around the world, this series is the perfect way to inspire your next adventure, particularly for the animal-lovers amongst us. Attenborough's iconic narration tells stories of wildlife species as they survive their everyday successes and hardships. One particular sequence follows walruses as they try to find space for mating on top of a cliff - it's both riveting and heart-breaking to watch.

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