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5 of the best adventure travel podcasts

From the frozen landscapes of Antarctica and the jagged ocean cliffs of Mexico to ancient graffiti in Pompeii, tune into these fascinating travel podcasts to be transported to far-flung locations and take inspiration for your next travel adventure.


Overheard at National Geographic - If these walls could talk

Tap into episodes of Overheard at National Geographic for unusual, thought-provoking stories from destinations around the world. Go back in time in the 'If these walls could talk' episode, as Rebecca Benefiel shares the secret meaning behind intricate graffiti carved into the ruined walls of Pompeii. From prayers and poetry to shopping lists and maths equations, the ‘social media’ of yesteryear paints a vivid picture of life in this prosperous city before its destruction during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The Rough Guide to Everywhere - Best Spots on Earth

Hosted by Rough Guides editor Aimee White, this inspiring podcast takes you on a journey to the ‘Best Spots on Earth.’ Immerse yourself in the frozen landscape of South Georgia with its colossal glaciers and inquisitive penguin as Shafik Meghji recounts his latest expedition to this wild and remote location. Travel to the ocean-battered cliffs of southwest Mexico with Rough Guides author Daniel Stables and hear about the daredevil locals who hurl themselves into the ocean abyss in honour of ancient tradition.

The Travel Diaries - Dan Snow - Long Haul Travel

Be transported to exotic and far-flung destinations as travel journalist Holly Rubenstein chats to well-known guests about their favourite travel experiences. Listen to famed TV presenter and historian Dan Snow as he shares his passion for exploration, chats about the meaning of travel and recounts his most memorable adventures. From life-changing expeditions in Zanzibar and family holidays in India to sailing voyages around the Stockholm archipelago, Dan shares his treasured travel memoirs with infectious enthusiasm.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast - Antarctic Travels

With over 185 episodes to choose from, Amanda Kendle’s Thoughtful Travel Podcast is a treasure trove of inspiration. Immerse yourself in the icy fjords of Antarctica as three travellers share their experiences of this vast and remote landscape virtually untouched by humans. Author Suzanne Moore describes the sweeping snow-dusted mountains and soaring icebergs dotted with seals and penguins. While photographer Paul Pichugin talks about coming face to face with giant leopard seals and plunging into sub-zero glacial waters. 

The Big Travel Podcast - Dr Mandeep Rai - Global Values

Delve into a vast archive of travel stories from a diverse selection of adventurers with the Big Travel Podcast. Look up episode 83 to hear Dr Mandeep Rai talk about her new book, The Values Compass, in which she explores the hearts, minds, and traditions of people from around the world. Why are the Turkish people so hospitable, the Jordanians helpful and the Argentinians passionate? Mandeep draws upon her journeys to over 150 countries to explore the unique origins of these deep-seated cultural values.


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