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8 Best Vegetarian Trips

From nourishing bean stews to indulgently cheesy pizza, there’s a plethora of vegetarian dishes to be enjoyed around the world. Take your taste buds on a tour on our best vegetarian trips.


Highlights of Lebanon

The souks of Lebanon are abundant with authentic meze dishes for you to sample. These small dishes, traditionally served as appetisers, often feature vegetable bases, and are accompanied by warm, fresh flatbreads. Think hearty lentil soups, tangy salads, grilled halloumi, and, of course, hummus. Vegetarian meze dishes are available in almost every restaurant in Lebanon, so you’ll be spoiled for choice wherever you go.
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Exotic Java and Bali, Indonesia

In between wandering lush rice paddies and marvelling at bubbling volcanoes, enjoying the Indonesian staple dish of Nasi Goreng is a must. Usually made of fried rice, sambal and shrimp, you can substitute the seafood for omelette or tofu for a flavourful veggie dish. You’ll also find numerous vegetarian appetisers and side dishes to sample; think deep fried corn fritters, sweet and spicy tempeh, and marinated jackfruit. 
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Amalfi Coast Walking, Italy

Your home for the week on our Amalfi Coast walking trip is a family-run Italian agriturismo, nestled on the cliffs above the stunning coastline. As a guest at this rustic working farm, you’ll enjoy dishes lovingly prepared using homegrown vegetables, including grapes and olives. Ferdinando and Giovanna will even invite you to make and enjoy your own pizza, goat’s cheese, and zesty limoncello. And don’t forget to sample Pasquale and Martina’s delectable organic wine!
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Jordan Food Adventure

While meat is a popular choice in Jordan, as with elsewhere in the Middle East, meze menus will provide you with plenty of vegetarian options. For example, keep an eye out for fattoush; contrasting fresh tomato and cucumber with fried pita bread, this light salad is perfect for warm weather. On a Jordan Food Adventure you'll also enjoy a traditional gallayeh lunch (a tomato-based stew) with local Bedouins.
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Contrasts of Colombia

Did you know that some of Colombia’s most iconic dishes are vegetarian? As you explore the vibrant highlights of this destination, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy vegetarian snacks and meals. From organic fruit at the farmers market in Bogota, to cheese-stuffed corn dough from street stalls, there’s no shortage of freshly prepared food on the go. In Salento, try your hand at a cooking class where you can make a vegetarian variation of sancocho, a nourishing soup with corn, plantain, and pumpkin.
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Hiking Turkey's Lycian Way

There are plenty of vegetarian dishes to be enjoyed in Turkey, with an abundance of locally grown produce along the Lycian Way. During a stay in a village house in Gey, friendly hosts prepare a hearty white bean stew, served over rice or bulgur wheat. Meanwhile, during a stop at a street market, don’t forget to indulge in a slice of vegetarian pide, a Turkish flatbread pizza.
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With around 40% of the population in India being vegetarian, it’s no wonder that menus are teeming with delectable veggie options. Amongst the alleyways of Kochi you'll visit the busy vegetable market before watching a breakfast dosa (thin lentil-based pancakes accompanied with potato curry) demonstration. There are also a wide variety of dals (lentil curries); especially wonderful at the end of a long day exploring.
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Simply Thailand

Thailand’s food is all about the flavour and fragrance, and the vegetarian dishes are no exception. The iconic green curry, crafted from lemongrass, chilli, kaffir lime leaf, and coconut milk, is a shining example of this. However, if you’re after a milder dish, opt for a classic pad thai, cooked fresh in the wok with a garnish of crushed peanuts.
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