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9 Best trips for stargazing

Love looking up at the stars above? With so many destinations providing the perfect spots to admire the night sky, we've gathered 9 of our best trips for stargazing.


Mountains, Deserts and Coasts of Oman

While you’re exploring Oman, you’ll spend two nights camping beneath the starry skies. The Wahiba Sands desert camping promises some truly spectacular views of the stars while you share stories around the fire. Later on in the trip, as you trek the Hajar Mountains, you’ll once again experience incredible skies at 2,200m on Salma Plateau. Meteor showers are a common sight to see in Oman, so keep your eyes peeled!
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Family Botswana and Zambia Safari Holiday

During a Botswana and Zambia Safari holiday, you’ll settle into a private houseboat on the Okavango River. During the day it makes a perfect spot for bird watching and observing wildlife, but as night falls, make sure to look up at the stars above. Thanks to the peaceful, remote location, there’s little light pollution to get in the way of stargazing - just pull up a chair on deck and enjoy.
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Peru In Depth and the Inca Trail

Embark on an all-encompassing journey of Peru, and you’ll be treated to stunning night skies along the way. As you make your way to the Sun Gate, you and fellow travellers will set up camp away from the main campsites, with a twinkling canopy of stars to keep you company. Meanwhile on Taquile Island, with no light pollution to get in the way, you’ll enjoy night skies bright enough to read a book by.
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Maldive Dhoni Cruise

On our Maldive Dhoni Cruise you’ll be living aboard a traditional dhoni boat, docking away from the islands each day for snorkelling in crystal clear waters. With the busier islands and tourist spots well out of the way, get comfy on the deck and sleep out under the stars in this tropical paradise, with just the gentle lapping of waves to lull you to sleep.
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Festivals of Bhutan

Bhutan’s small population means compact towns and cities with very little light pollution. Throw the spectacular Himalayan mountain peaks into the mix and you’ve got the perfect backdrop for stargazing. While you’ll have plenty to keep you busy during this discovery adventure, you can spend relaxed evenings soaking up the night skies, and sharing stories of your day.
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Iceland Winter Adventure

As you discover the rugged volcanoes and glaciers of Iceland, exploring Thingvellir National Park along the way, make sure to pause and admire the vast sky above. In Egilsstadir we’ll stay at the Wilderness Centre, a 1940s restored farmhouse turned into a living museum. It’s a front row seat to an expanse of stars thanks to the remote location, and you may even be lucky enough to spot the Northern Lights.
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Walking in the Azores

While Walking in the Azores you’ll visit five picturesque and unspoilt islands. Though each island is a natural haven for walkers, Flores Island in particular is a lesser-visited island far from tourist crowds - the furthest west of the islands, Flores is 1,400km from the busy Portuguese mainland. Without light or sound pollution, there’s nothing quite like a spot of stargazing here after a scenic day of walking through the islands' beautiful wildflowers.
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Wine and Landscapes of Argentina's Northwest

While you explore Argentina's vineyards and landscapes, you’ll visit El Leoncito National Park, which boasts over 250 clear nights every year thanks to its high elevation and dry climate. One of the real highlights of the park is the Observatory, where you’ll take a nighttime visit to stargaze in this special environment.
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Walking in the Canadian Rockies

A walking tour in the Canadian Rockies is a fantastic opportunity to observe some internationally renowned skies in the Jasper International Dark Sky Preserve, the second largest in the world. By day you’ll be hiking the trails and taking in the lush Canadian scenery and wildlife, while at night you’ll set up a homely camp with fellow travellers and sleep beneath a blanket of stars.
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