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Popular Travel Landscapes Reimagined in Iconic Artist Styles

From Hokusai and Monet to Frida Kahlo, our unique gallery of AI artworks reimagines iconic travel destinations in the style of different artists from around the world.


Iconic Travel Landscapes Reimagined in Different Artistic Styles

Our new study looks at Etsy data to find out which destinations around the world inspire the most artworks.  We then used AI to reimagine the most popular destinations in the style of renowned artists, creating an amazing and original gallery of wanderlust-inducing artworks.

Throughout history, art has had the incredible power to ignite our longing for adventure. Masterpieces like Monet's breathtaking landscapes have a unique way of calling us to step into those very scenes, beckoning us to immerse ourselves in their beauty. At Explore we have seen how the expression of the world on canvas sparks wanderlust and has us eager to enrich our lives through travelling.

Our walking and trekking adventures immerse you deep into the natural landscape, and many of our customers are inspired to capture the beautiful scenes around them, whether it’s on their phone, camera, easel or sketchpad. 

To embrace this captivating dance between travel and art, we have analysed Etsy data for over 600 locations around the globe to find which places inspire the biggest number of artworks.

With the connection between travel and art so undeniable, we wanted to take our project a step further. As art blurs the lines between what we imagine and what exists, taking us on a journey that's both transformative and exhilarating, we tasked AI to reimagine the most inspiring art destinations in the style of some of the most famous artists across centuries. Further down the page, you’ll find this unique and original gallery of inspiring travel artworks to enjoy at your leisure!

Top 10 Places Around The World Inspiring The Most Artwork

Rank Location No. of Etsy Artwork Listings
1 California 142,604
2 New York 141,047
3 Paris 103,061
4 Texas 89,530
5 London 77,261
6 Florida 72,719
7 Hawaii 72,265
8 Washington 56,902
9 Colorado 49,610
10 Arizona 43,660
With artwork and travel landscapes being so closely tied together, we looked at Etsy data to find the most art-inspiring locations around the world, discovering that art dedicated to American states has more listings than any other destinations: out of the top 10, only two European destinations break the US dominance. 

1. California

With an impressive 142,604 Etsy artwork listings, California emerges as the top destination that inspires the most artwork. Known for its diverse landscapes and vibrant creative scene, the Golden State captures the hearts of artists from around the world. From the sun-soaked beaches of Southern California to the towering redwoods of Northern California, this state offers a vast range of natural wonders that serve as a constant artistic muse.

Whether it's the captivating beauty of Yosemite National Park, the bohemian charm of San Francisco's streets, or the glamorous allure of Hollywood, California ignites the imagination of people all over the globe and sparks boundless creativity among explorers as much as artists.

2. New York

Right on the heels of California, New York proves itself as an ever-inspiring artistic powerhouse with an impressive 141,047 Etsy artwork listings. The vibrant city that never sleeps is a magnet for artists and travellers, drawn to its iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and unparalleled energy.  

From the colourful murals of Brooklyn's neighborhoods to the sleek galleries of Chelsea, New York offers an artistic backdrop that constantly pushes boundaries and fosters creativity. Whether it's strolling through Central Park, exploring the vibrant street art of the Lower East Side, or immersing oneself in the bohemian ambiance of Greenwich Village, New York is a city that never fails to inspire.

3. Paris

The City of Light, Paris graces the third spot on our list with 103,061 Etsy artwork listings. From the majestic Eiffel Tower to the charming streets of Montmartre, Paris exudes an undeniable allure that has captivated artists for centuries. This romantic city is a treasure trove of inspiration, with its historic architecture, breathtaking art collections, and enchanting cafes.

The Louvre Museum, home to the enigmatic Mona Lisa, and the Musée d'Orsay, showcasing an impressive collection of Impressionist masterpieces, are just a glimpse into the artistic riches that Paris offers. The meandering Seine River, the vibrant colors of the flower markets, and the bohemian ambiance of Le Marais all contribute to the irresistible charm that fuels the creative spirit in the French capital.

4. Texas

In the heart of the American Southwest, Texas surprises with its artistic prowess, securing the fourth place with 89,530 Etsy artwork listings. This vast state boasts a rich blend of cultures and landscapes that provide ample inspiration for artists.

​From the vibrant street art of Austin, the state's capital, to the dramatic landscapes of Big Bend National Park, Texas offers a captivating tapestry of artistic subjects. Moreover, the Texan spirit of independence and creativity permeates the state, fostering a thriving artistic community that embraces a wide range of mediums and styles, as reflected by the wide tapestry of Texas-inspired artwork available on Etsy. 

5. London

Rounding off the top five places inspiring the most artwork is the iconic city of London, which boasts an impressive 77,261 Etsy artwork listings. Steeped in history and brimming with cultural diversity, the British capital offers a creative playground for artists. From the grandeur of Buckingham Palace to the vibrant street art of Shoreditch, London seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, providing endless inspiration.  

The charming neighborhoods of Notting Hill, the serene beauty of Hyde Park, and the buzzing atmosphere of Covent Garden all contribute to London's artistic allure. In this city creativity knows no bounds, artists and travellers are encouraged to explore, experiment, and let their imaginations soar.


Top 10 USA States Inspiring The Most Artwork

Rank State No. of Etsy Artwork Listings
1 California 142,604
2 New York 141,047
3 Texas 89,530
4 Florida 72,719
5 Hawaii 72,265
6 Washington 56,902
7 Colorado 49,610
8 Arizona 43,660
9 Michigan 40,945
10 Georgia 40,043
We compared each state’s Etsy listings for ‘[state] + art’ to find which draws in the largest amount of state-inspired artwork, finding that once again the sunny state of California takes the first spot, followed by New York in number two. While ranking fourth worldwide as one of the places inspiring the most artworks, the state of Texas rounds off the top 3, as the third US state inspiring the most artistic pieces.
Fourth in the rankings, Florida has secured its place as one of the top states inspiring the most artwork. Known for its stunning coastal landscapes and warm tropical climate, this Sunshine State serves as a true haven for creative souls. From the lively streets of Miami, pulsating with art deco architecture and vibrant street art, to the charming art galleries and studios of Key West, Florida offers endless sources of artistic inspiration.

The state's rich cultural heritage, encompassing influences from Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond, adds depth to its artistic offerings, reflected in the unique range of Etsy listings for Floridian inspired artworks. Whether it's the vivid colors of the Everglades, the graceful dance of palm trees, or the captivating interplay of light and shadow along the beaches, Florida's natural beauty continuously ignites the imagination of artists and tourists alike.
Rounding off the top five USA states inspiring the most artwork is Hawaii, with over 72 thousand Etsy listings dedicated to its art. Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the enchanting state of Hawaii casts a spell on artists from around the world.  From the vibrant street art of Honolulu to the traditional Hawaiian crafts and intricate Polynesian designs, the art scene in Hawaii is as diverse as its natural wonders.

The islands' cultural heritage, deeply rooted in ancient traditions and stories, provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for painters, artisans, and photographers. Those visiting Hawaii will be mesmerised by sunsets over Waikiki Beach, the rhythmic sounds of hula dancers, or simply admiring the striking contrast between lush greenery and fiery lava flows.
Number six on the list, Washington is the fifth coastal state that makes the rankings, showcasing how much the ocean exudes an artistic energy that is awe-inspiring. From the vibrant city of Seattle, a bustling hub of creativity and innovation, to the tranquil landscapes of Olympic National Park, Washington offers a diverse range of inspirations for artists and explorers alike.

Simultaneously Washington's architectural and artistic landmarks are testaments to its creative spirit, the colourful sculptures of the Chihuly Garden and Glass an example of such. Travellers that explore the lush forests, powerful waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains, will find themselves immersed in a world where the beauty of nature harmoniously intertwines with human expression, resulting in captivating works of art that capture the essence of this extraordinary state.


Our AI Travel Artworks Gallery

To celebrate how travelling to new places and seeing new things inspires us, we used AI to embark on an imaginative journey, creating an original gallery of fantastic images which show how famous artists might have captured iconic locations around the globe through their distinctive styles.


We begin with a Californian landscape, instantly recognizable with its low mountains, palm trees and scrubland shrubs, which come alive under the skillful brushstrokes of Claude Monet. Bathed in vibrant hues and soft, dappled light, this scene showcases Monet's mastery of impressionism, evoking a sense of fleeting beauty and the play of nature's elements. The human form, ever-present, might take center stage but it is the California sky and its hills that enthral us.


Moving across the Pacific, we encounter a Hawaii landscape transformed by Paul Cezanne's post-impressionist touch. With bold brushwork and a unique perspective, Cezanne infuses the scenery with a sense of structure and form, emphasising the interplay between light and shadow. But most of all this AI rendition offers a glimpse Cezanne capturing Hawaii’s natural beauty, its pristine beaches, lush tropical forests, and majestic volcanic landscapes, while infusing his own personal and recognisable style.


Using the AI tool Midjourney, Pablo Picasso envisions an unconventional interpretation of Cork, a picturesque landscape found in Ireland. In alignment with his cubist style, Picasso presents a distorted yet captivating view of the city, where a distinctly Irish color palette and abstract shapes intertwine, inviting us to explore the depths of his artistic imagination. 


Vincent Van Gogh's London landscape beckons us forth, showcasing his signature post-impressionist style. Through expressive brushstrokes and a vivid color palette, Van Gogh captures London’s intoxicating night time energy and dynamism, illuminating its bustling streets with his inimitable flair. 


Mexico's Chapultepec Castle emerges in the next image, reimagined by American painter Aaron Douglas, a prominent figure of the Harlem Renaissance. With bold geometric shapes and rich symbolism, Douglas combines the essence of modernism and African art, paying homage to the castle's historical significance as well as the life that bustles in its proximity. 


As we wander to Mykonos, we encounter Hokusai's portrayal of the iconic Greek island delivering a sense of contemplative tranquility. Inspired by traditional Japanese woodblock prints, Hokusai's distinctive style unfolds, providing a hypnotising reimagination of the Mediterranean Sea and Mykonos’ famous Cycladic architecture. This fusion of Japanese style and Greek landscape harmoniously blends delicate lines whilst showcasing nature’s innate power, creating an oceanscape that is both serene yet tumultuous.


AI’s rendition of Beryl Cook painting Paris surprises us with a whimsical rendition of the Eiffel Tower. Known for her vibrant and lively scenes of everyday life, Cook injects her unique humor and charm into this iconic landmark, inviting us to revel in the joy of the moment. 


René Magritte transforms Rome's Colosseum into a surreal dreamscape according to AI, as enigmatic clouds and unique objects merge together in a though-provoking take of one of Rome’s most emblematic buildings. This surrealist interpretation challenges our perceptions, inviting us to ponder the hidden meanings behind the familiar: a monument symbolic of century’s long history yet ready to be consumed and transported with us on our journeys into wilderness. 

New York

Times Square in New York is next on our artistic journey, as Salvador Dali's unmistakable style takes center stage. Through his characteristic melting elements and surreal imagery, Dali invites us into a captivating dreamscape of one of America’s most famous cities, where reality and imagination coexist. 


Frida Kahlo brings Tokyo to life in a burst of demure colors and emotional intensity. With her deeply personal approach and symbolic elements, Kahlo infuses the cityscape with her own unique perspective, celebrating the art of the human spirit that punctuates everyday life.


Edvard Munch's interpretation of Toronto's landscape as imagined by AI captivates us with its haunting atmosphere and emotive brushwork. Known for his introspective art, Munch imbues a Lake Ontarioscene with a sense of mystery, inviting us to dive into our own contemplations.


In Klimt's hands, Tuscany transforms into a golden tapestry of intricate patterns and ornate details. Through his distinct art nouveau style, Klimt elevates the rolling hills, olive trees and Italian cypress, infusing them with an aura of opulence and sensory delight.


Washington's White House emerges in Jadopatia style, a fusion of traditional Indian art and contemporary influences. With vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and a harmonious blend of cultures, this unique interpretation celebrates the intersection of history and art.



We compiled a comprehensive list of over 610 locations around the world (including 195 countries, 321 cities, 44 regions and 50 states in the USA). These locations were then each analysed on the Etsy platform for [location] + art (e.g. Toronto art, Copenhagen art, Maldives etc.)  to find the total cumulative number of Etsy listings. The places which returned the highest number of Etsy results are named as the destinations that inspire the most artworks. The most popular places have then been creatively reimagined according to the art style of foreign painters using the AI image generation tool Midjourney.

All data correct as of June 2023.

Top 10 Cities Inspiring The Most Artwork

Rank City No. of Etsy Artwork Listings
1 Paris 103,061
2 London 77,261
3 Cork 25,557
4 Venice 25,281
5 Rome 20,615
6 Detroit 16,492
7 Pittsburgh 16,047
8 Manchester 13,984
9 Toronto 13,932
10 Kansas City 13,580

Top 10 Countries Inspiring The Most Artwork

Rank City No. of Etsy Artwork Listings
1 USA 507,355
2 France 436,779
3 Japan 377,454
4 India 240,294
5 England 215,854
6 Italy 202,007
7 Mexico 161,589
8 Germany 156,242
9 China 123,499
10 Canada 120,976

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