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Celebration of Cycling: 200 Years of the Bike

If every year you feel inspired by the Tour de France and the beautiful summer weather to get out on a bike, why not make 2017 the year you finally take the plunge and book your own cycling adventure – it’s the 200th anniversary of the bike after all!

We’ve selected our pick of trips to get you pedalling. Lycra is most definitely optional and there is something for everyone from gentle to challenging trips. 

Up for a challenge

If the Tour de France inspires you to get out and put your legs to the test, our challenging trips are ideal for you. Longer, more demanding and necessitating a good level of fitness, the hilly terrain and some challenging ascents make for the perfect opportunity to don a polka dot jersey and crown yourself ‘King of the Mountains’. As well as cycling on the road, you’ll get to try some non-technical off-road riding too.

Coast to Coast
Cycle grade: Challenging

No flights necessary for this trip, cycling the width of England on the famous C2C route, travelling through the north’s most remote and spectacular scenery, including the Lake District.

Italy Coast to Coast
Cycle grade: Challenging 

Cross Italy by bike and take a scenic route from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean, passing through the golden-hued towns of Umbria and Tuscany, exploring medieval settlements, lakes and vineyards.

Dolomites to Venice by Road Bike
Cycle grade: Challenging

Cycle through the snow-capped Dolomites and along the shores of Lake Garda on your very own Giro d’Italia; discover the cities of Verona, Padua and an optional day in Venice along the way.

 20 years of cycling dolomites

Try your own Tour de France

If it’s the jaw-dropping scenery of France that inspires you when watching the Tour, choose one of our cycling holidays to France. Every year visitors (amateur cyclists and observers alike) flock to the region to watch the colourful Lycra speed past, but for all the excitement and skill of the occasion it doesn’t leave a great deal of time to take in the scenery. Explore France at a gentler pace and you’ll get to see so much more on one of our easy- to moderated-graded trips.

Canal du Midi
Cycle grade: Easy

Cycling along the tree-lined paths that line the Canal du Midi, you’ll discover ancient Roman cities and the Mediterranean coast via the glorious countryside around Corbières and Carcassone.

Cycle the Cathar Castles
Cycle grade: Moderate to challenging

Spend eight days cycling through unspoilt south-west France, uncovering grand Cathar castles and pretty villages to reach the coast. Wine and food tastings along the way help to fuel your rides.

Marseille to Barcelona
Cycle grade: Moderate

Visit two countries in one trip as you depart the French coastal city of Marseille and travel down the Mediterranean coast to Barcelona, via the Camargue, Canal du Midi and Catalunya’s beaches.

 20 years of cycling canal du midi

Somewhere a bit different

If the thought of a cycling holiday appeals but you’d prefer to get off the popular routes and visit some unusual destinations, consider our unique cycling trips to lesser-visited destinations. Taking in beautiful cities and Roman ruins, crossing borders and enjoying incredible scenery, these trips are designed to take you somewhere a bit different, enjoying the views and leisurely pace of exploring on two wheels.

Cycle Seville to Porto
Cycle grade: Moderate to challenging

Leaving stunning Seville behind you’ll get to experience the unspoilt border region between Spain and Portugal, travelling by train through the Douro Valley and then cycling into Porto.

Cycling the Baltic States
Cycle grade: Easy

Visit the beautiful and contrasting countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on this nine-day journey through national parks, medieval towns and picturesque fishing villages, enjoying the mild climate.

Pedalling in Poland
Cycle grade: Easy to moderate

Poland’s largely unknown landscapes are home to beautiful mountains, gorges and medieval towns, which you’ll get to see on this cycling tour that takes in part of Slovakia, too.

 20 years of cycling Seville

Explore a long-haul destination

Go further afield and explore far-flung destinations like Cuba and Vietnam to celebrate 200 years of the bicycle. Bringing you closer to the action – and the people – cycling allows for a deeper exploration of a country, with a slower pace allowing you to absorb all the sights, sounds and smells. Imagine cycling past Cuba’s colourful vintage cars, or sampling fresh fruit from the floating markets of the Mekong Delta.

Highlights of Cuba by Bicycle
Cycle grade: Easy to moderate

Cuba’s quiet inland roads and glorious coastline make for the ideal setting for a cycling holiday. Stay in casas particulares and learn about Cuba’s fascinating and tumultuous history along the way.

Mekong Delta and Angkor
Cycle grade: Easy

Vietnam is a fantastic country for cycling, and on this easy grade trip that also visits Cambodia you can pedal past paddy fields, explore ancient temples and cruise the mighty Mekong River.

Bangkok to Saigon by Bike
Cycle grade: Moderate

Taking in a trio of South East Asia’s most beautiful countries; visit Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and explore the contrasts as you pedal through beautiful scenery and historic highlights.

Cycle Burma
Cycle grade: Moderate

Largely undiscovered until 2012, Burma (Myanmar) is an ideal place to explore by bicycle, meeting the friendly communities and discovering hill stations, stilt villages and glittering pagodas.

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