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China - The Explore Way

Read on to discover more about the different ways you can explore – from walking the Great Wall to experiencing the superfast bullet trains.
Culture and Discovery Holidays 

Our culture and discovery holidays to China uncover different ways of life, and offer the opportunity to meet and sometimes stay with local people or tribal groups. Our discovery trips explore cultural sites – both ancient and modern – and help you learn about the people and their culture.

We take planes, trains and automobiles to cross the country, seeking out all of China’s most interesting and exciting locations.  The new ultramodern and superfast bullet trains enable us to cover a lot of ground very quickly, while at the same time mixing with the locals.  They are very fast and efficient and show us the gleaming modern side of the country.  By contrast the old overnight trains trundle through the countryside at a more sedate pace, enabling us to cover great distances while we sleep. Travelling by road can be very varied with up-to-date highways connecting remote areas, busy cities full of honking traffic, and country lanes and small side roads where rickshaws zip between pedestrians.  Wandering around cities and villages by foot is by far the best way to see and experience them, and means we can pop into small restaurants and rub shoulders with the local people as they go about their daily lives. 

Walking along the Great Wall 

Walking along the Great Wall is is one of the best ways to see the countryside and some parts of this iconic landmark that most visitors don’t get to see.  There are stunning views across the rolling hills and mountains of the countryside, and more than a glimpse into rural China.

Explore's Beyond trips to China 

Our Beyond trips are our most pioneering and adventurous trips. They take us to remote parts of the country that modernisation and infrastructure has not yet reached so most of the travel is by road, but the reward is to experience some truly unique destinations, and a way of life that is about as far removed from that of the cities as it is possible to find.  People often still wear traditional dress, plan their years around the seasons and the planting of crops, and welcome travellers with genuine excitement.

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