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Cycling Holidays at Easter

We asked our resident cycling expert James Adkin where he would go if he was off on a cycling holiday over the Easter period. Here are his top five picks.

Southern Oasis Cycling

March is a  lovely time to visit as springtime is starting in Morocco, the colder weather has ebbed away and the temperatures are comfortable with some warm sunshine but not yet hot.

Backroads of Kerala

Easter falls in Kerala’s summer season, as temperatures are building in southern India, with low rainfall and slightly humid weather - so it is a perfect time to bask in the tropical warmth of Kerala.

Cycle Vietnam

Easter falls at the tail end of the high season in Vietnam when temperatures are building but the rains are yet to come, perfect if you want a nice hot break from a long winter in the UK.

Cycle Nicaragua to the Panama Canal
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

Easter in Latin America is always an interesting time. Known locally as Semana Santa, you can expect to see many processions and gatherings with locals celebrating Easter Latin style.

Cycle the Backroads of Cuba

Things in Cuba are changing quicker than ever. Obama’s relaxation of the embargo is having an immediate effect with the Americans coming in greater numbers and this trend is likely to continue. Get there before modern times catch up with unique Cuba! Temperatures are getting warmer, particularly in Eastern Cuba, though not with the higher humidity of June or rainy season from July.

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