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Epic Socially-Distanced Destinations

If you want to get away from the crowds, a trip to some of the most remote locations in the world could be just the ticket.



Avoid human contact and get up close with nature instead, on a wildlife Safari in Botswana. As Africa's least-densely-populated country, you'll have plenty of room to go in search of the Big Five on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Watch large herds of elephant traversing the vast grassy plains of Chobe National Park and look out for crocodile lurking in the shallows of the Okavango Delta. If you're lucky, you may also spot a pride of lion sleeping in the shade of a baobab tree or a leopard hunting its prey. 
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Located in the heart of the Balkans, Albania is a fantastic destination to escape throngs of tourists and get back to nature in Europe. Find a sense of calm and tranquillity on Lake Ohrid's iridescent waters and traverse verdant valleys in the shadow of snow-capped peaks in the Gramos Mountains. Traffic-free country roads lead us towards the coast where we'll find pristine golden-sand beaches and from here we'll pedal north along the turquoise seas of the Albanian Riviera. 
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Lose yourself in the dense Iwokrama Rainforest of Guyana in South America. Feel as though you're on another planet as you watch golden-winged parakeets swoop through the jungle and spot laid back sloths relaxing on low hanging branches. Get a unique perspective of the forest from suspended walkways and observation decks high up in the canopy, and come face-to-face with dazzling pink Pompadour Cotinga and foraging spider monkeys. 
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Often overlooked in favour of neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam, Laos offers an array of all-encompassing Asian cultural experiences without the crowds. Stroll down the quiet banks of the Nam Song river in Vang Vieng to watch a flaming red sun dip behind a screen of jagged karst mountains. And follow remote mountain passes towards Luang Prabang to uncover tiny ramshackle villages, sacred golden temples and far-reaching views across lush uninhabited valleys. 
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Find a special kind of solace in the desolate mountain landscapes of Mongolia. One of the tell-tale signs that few people frequent these sacred lands is the lack of roads and bumpy dirt tracks, but the journey is more than worth it to see the vast, unspoilt grassy plains and dramatic jagged peaks soaring into clear blue skies. There are few creature comforts in this remote hideaway, so we'll camp in traditional Ger Yurts right in the heart of the Gobi Desert and under the shadow of the Bayanzag mountains. 
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For a European getaway with a difference, head to Romania's lush green Carpathian Mountains where unspoilt countryside and fragrant pine forests stretch as far as the eye can see. Aside from your fellow travellers, you'll barely see another soul as we trek through dense woods and scramble over rocks to the pearly white ridge of Piatra Craiului. And with overnight stops in remote mountain huts, you can experience complete seclusion and isolation from everyday life. 
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There are fewer places on earth more remote than the icy Polar Regions. The frozen Arctic is a place where civilisation is scarce and wildlife king. Go in search of snow-white polar bear, wild arctic fox and large-tusked walrus on a voyage around the Svalbard archipelago. Cruise past towering icebergs on our hardy expedition ship and jump in a small zodiac RIB to get up close with herds of seal resting on drifting ice floes. 
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Don your walking boots for a walking holiday that will take you far beyond the usual tourist trails. Kyrgyzstan boasts wild mountain landscapes, abandoned Silk Road settlements and remote alpine countryside. Feel a world away from everyday reality as you walk along the saline waters of Lake Issyk Kul that gently laps the foothills of the mighty Tien Shan mountains, and uncover cascading waterfalls within ancient woodlands. 
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The only way to reach the luminous turquoise glacial waters of Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia is by foot, so there's little chance of finding hordes of tourists in this uninhabitable landscape. Hike over rough terrain and scramble up rocky trails to this epic panorama set on South America's southernmost tip. Camp in the shelter of a forest at the heart of this remote highland wilderness before hiking through Los Glaciares National Park.
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Camp amongst the honey-hued dunes of the Wahiba Sands in Oman for an epic adventure far removed from crowds and civilisation. As we journey into the desert, we become marooned in an ocean of sand, and nothing else bar a few nomadic tribesmen and their camels exist as far as the eye can see. Our overnight stop is set amongst the giant sandy mounds, and a display of fiery red sky presents itself as the sun sets. With absolutely no light pollution, a bright starry sky begins to appear above us. 
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