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Explore is Supporting Cleaner Oceans

After much deliberation and voting by the staff here at Explore, we’re really excited to announce that for 2017 we will be supporting the great team at Seabin Project.

As of today there are 8 billion tonnes of plastic in our oceans. That’s enough to fill 5 carrier bags for every foot of coastline on the planet!

The Seabin product is a floating rubbish bin that is located in the water at marinas, docks, yacht clubs and commercial ports, collecting all floating rubbish, in an attempt to start clearing our oceans of the non-biodegradable plastic and other pollutants. As well as having created the product itself, the project is also about educating our younger generations on how important it is to reduce plastic use and keep our oceans litter free. They have an education programme, GAP, that is being rolled out in the areas where the Seabin Product is in use, currently including USA, Bermuda, Mallorca, France and Montenegro. The team are continuously looking for ways of reducing the impact on the environment, which, currently includes trialling alternative energy solutions for the Seabins, using a percentage of recycled plastics in the fabrication of the Seabins and challenging the plastic industry itself.

To sum up the project, their motto is “To live in a world where we do not need Seabins”.  Explore are passionate about preserving our beautiful planet so we wanted to support this great idea both financially and by helping to raise awareness of this critical situation.

“One small act replicated by many brings change and to change the demand means to change the industry, for cleaner oceans.” says Pete Ceglinski, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Seabin Project.