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10 top unusual adventures to book in February

Here are ten top unusual experiences to book with Explore this month, from exploring the forbidden city of Baltiysk to a longtail boat ride on Inle Lake.
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1. Sudan: Highlights of Ancient Nubia

Experience the warm hospitality of the Nubian people on a trip to Sudan. Stay in a traditional house in a village where the Islamic way of life is less strict than elsewhere in Sudan. Here, villagers readily speak to visitors, women don’t cover their faces, and a different lanquage is spoken. Those seeking an extra special experience can even opt to camp out in the courtyard beneath the stars.
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2. Burma Highlights

Spend a day on a longtail boat exploring the picturesque Inle Lake, set at high altitude on the Shan Plateau. See skilled local craftsman at work, using traditional tools to craft incredible boats that serve as the locals’ lifeline in this water-based community.
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3. Highlights of Poland and Kaliningrad

From the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, cross into the forbidden city of Baltiysk. Shrouded in secrecy, this Russian Naval base was a German U-Boat training facility and then completely off limits during Soviet rule when the Red Army moved in. Even today, entry to Baltiysk is strictly controlled but we have been given special permission to visit this historic and fascinating military city.
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4. Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Trek

After nearly a week’s trekking on Kilimanjaro, the final day of ascent involves a midnight start. As you slowly cover the challenging final stretch of your climb, admire the tapestry of stars and glowing moon. See the sun rise as you reach the top of the crater rim at Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa.  A poignant end to an epic challenge, and an exhilarating experience that is hard to match.
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5. Best of Belarus

Explore soviet history juxtaposed with modern street art in Minsk. From Brutalist statues and mighty war memorials to colourful buildings decorated by street artists with birds, people and mythical creatures – there is a surprise around every corner.
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6. North Philippines Explorer

For an experience unlike any other in South East Asia, take a calesh ride through the cobbled Spanish streets of Vigan, discovering  quaint colonial houses and glorious Catholic cathedrals. This charming town in the Philippines is Asia’s best-preserved example of a Spanish colonial town.
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7. Walking in Spain - Costa da Morte

Refuel after a day’s walking in beautiful Galicia with a delicious plate of seafood, freshly caught in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Highlights of this moderately-graded walking trip include the quiet fishing village of Camarinas, a hike to Cape Finisterre (a.k.a the ‘end of the world’) and the magnificent cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
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8. Highlights of Bolivia

Standing on the middle of the salt flats with nothing but white as far as the eye can see is a bizarre and even emotional feeling. With the white salt blending into the bright blue sky, it feels like some kind of movie version of heaven.
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9. Highlights of Turkey

Turkey is known for its long history with a countryside dotted with ancient Roman and Greek ruins.  At Ephesus’  follow in the footsteps of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra standing in front of the elaborately-carved façade of Library of Celsus.
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10. Cycle Japan - Shimanami Kaido and the Inland Sea

Approach one of the largest suspension bridges on earth by bike. The engineering feat of this gigantic yet elegant bridge is dwarfed only by the panoramic views that surround it of the verdant islands dotting the Inland Sea. From here giant shipping vessels look like toys and the dozens of small fishing boats are little more than dots in the blue waters.   
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