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Six of the best... Anti-Valentine's tours

Don’t wait for a significant other to take that trip of a lifetime. Avoid the honeymooners and the Valentine’s love birds, and take an adventure just for you. Here are six small group trips that are really better to join on your own.
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Climb new heights - Kilimanjaro

This epic challenge might well be an ambition that’s not shared by your loved ones, so keen hikers might be better planning their own trip. On the Lemosho Trek you’ll camp for a week before reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, arriving with an amazing sense of achievement but in need of a shower! It’s the perfect trip for solo travellers as lifelong friendships are formed helping each other reach the summit and celebrating when you get there.
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Go solo into the Exclusion Zone - Chernobyl

Spending the night in a nuclear fallout zone isn’t most people’s idea of a romantic mini-break. Travel solo to Ukraine and discover fascinating Chernobyl, site of the Reactor 4 explosion in 1986. Explore the intriguing abandoned sites including the ghost town of Pripyat, now reclaimed by nature, and the new Safe Confinement structure that has been built around the reactor. We’ll also spend time in captivating Kiev, visiting Mother Motherland and the Chernobyl Museum.
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Put your relationship on ice - Iceland, Greenland & Eastern Canada

While a voyage to the end of the earth sounds romantic, it’s far from cosy. Take your clothes off here and you might just risk painful ice burn! Instead, stay wrapped up and enjoy the wonders of Iceland, Greenland and Eastern Canada as a solo traveller. Keeping your clothes firmly on, you’ll stay cosy and comfortable in your very own room, and able to discover this final frontier in the company of likeminded explorers. The three-week trip travels from Iceland to southern Greenland, and down the East coast of Canada, past dramatic scenery, where you can spot polar bears and caribou.
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Enjoy an antisocial diet - Sicily

It may have worked out for Lady and the Tramp, but in reality rich Bolognese and sloppy pizza slices aren’t exactly first-date foods. Not to mention the garlic. Sicily is home to some of Italy’s richest cuisine – here you can enjoy strong garlic-laden marinades, rich passata sauces and fragrant seafood. When you’re not worried about what’s left on your chin or your shirt, you’ll enjoy it all the more. Take to your bike and discover this fascinating island by bike, taking in the culture and working up an appetite.
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Celebrate voodoo and a different kind of fetish in Benin

In Benin, Voodoo is the national religion. While sticking pins into effigies is a Hollywood interpretation rather than a real Voodoo practice, the culture here places great importance on death and spirits as a transition to the invisible world. On the Benin & Togo Discovery trip we’ll visit a fetish market, which is almost the exact opposite of what you might expect from a market with this name. On sale here is a most unusual collection of items – you'll find goat skulls, hippo feet, whole chameleons, dead cats and dogs amongst other things. A fascinating and colourful African scene, but not one to celebrate a new relationship perhaps.
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Bunk-up on an overnight train through Russia

Four-berth Russian rail compartments aren't exactly conducive to romance, but they're conducive to adventure. Spend a night on an overnight train, travelling from Moscow to Petrozavodsk, in the Republic of Karelia.  You'll also discover Moscow and St Petersburg, travel by hovercraft to Kizhi Island and try husky-sledding in the snow laden forest on our nine-day Winter in Russia trip. You're sure to come home with good stories to tell.
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