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BBC Africa - Episode 1 - The Immense Kalahari

We've all been glued to our screens watching David Attenborough's latest documentary. Daniela Pontis, Product Manager for Africa and our very own Africa expert talks about it in more detail:


Episode One - The Immense Kalahari

As a wildlife enthusiast, I have been really impressed with the first episode of Africa, the new excellent series by Sir David Attenborough about the most prolific and untouched wilderness on the planet.

As usual, Sir David and his team exceeded my expectations filming behaviours never shown before from animals we thought we knew all about. One of the most hostile and fascinating deserts, the immense Kalahari, is portrayed in all its majesty, where learning how wheel spiders or crickets adapted to the tough life in this arid environment, is equally as entertaining as seeing regal leopards fighting for survival.

My personal highlight was definitely the young rhino wearing antelope’s horns to impress the female! Not only did I think it was hilarious, but the silhouettes of this fascinating species in the darkness under a blanket of stars was incredibly beautiful and an unprecedented image which will stay with me for a very long time.

If the vast and mysterious Kalahari Desert inspired you, perhaps your New Year’s resolution for 2013 should be to embrace the adventurous spirit of David Attenborough and visit the incredible settings of his documentaries!

On our trips to Namibia, you’ll have the fantastic opportunity to overnight inside Etosha National Park with our accommodation overlooking the waterholes. Hiking sand dunes and travelling through desert and salt pans you will be lucky enough to get close up and personal to some of the magnificent creatures that inhabit this fascinating part of the world.

If you want to focus on some of the most exclusive and unique wildlife havens on earth, then Botswana is the ideal destination for you. Although not the cheapest place to visit, this is one of the most untouched countries in Africa with only a limited number of visitors allowed in the parks. On our trips you will camp under the stars, overnight on a boat on the Okavango Delta and visit the majestic Victoria Falls!

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