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BBC Africa - Episode 4 - The Cape

We've all been glued to our screens watching David Attenborough's latest documentary. Daniela Pontis, Product Manager for Africa and our very own Africa expert talks about it in more detail:

Episode Four - The Cape

There is no doubt the Cape has captured the imagination of travellers for many decades. Its history, as well as its variety of landscapes, flora and fauna need no introduction. Or at least, this is what we thought before watching the 4th episode of Attenborough’s Africa which shows that there is still so much to learn even about places that have been explored for centuries.

The thread is the impact of the Agulhas and Benguela currents on the landscape and life, both in the ocean and on land. From the iconic Table Mountain to the remote Gorongosa in Mozambique,  their powerful action creates a variety of ecosystems in places that in their absence would turn into desert. Following the currents we meet turtles hatching and struggling to reach the ocean while predators merciless attack them, we observe the mysterious migration of kingfishers and the spectacle of springboks gracefully jumping for joy.

When warm and cold current meet in the ocean, a theatre of incredible spectacle is created. In my favourite sequence the Africa team follows millions of sardines trapped by a barrier of warm water. This is the perfect chance for whales, dolphins, penguins, sharks and birds to stock up on food. The Byrne’s whale, the biggest predator in the ocean, is filmed spectacularly jumping out of water to capture the sardines while other predators rush around her to get their fair share: a feast for them and an incredible treat for us to watch.

There is no doubt the Cape has some of the most varied wildlife and landscapes on earth: from the big game of Kruger, to the whales in Hermanus, from the wine regions and Garden Route to the Drakensberg Mountains where “the vultures soar so high they can see into the future”, South Africa doesn’t stop to amaze.
If you got inspired by the last episode of Africa, take a look at our wide selections of trips. Whether you would like to walk, cycle, sample delicious wines or focus on wildlife, you are certainly up for an unforgettable experience!

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