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New Year, New You?

If your new year’s resolutions include getting into shape, taking up a fresh interest or having different experiences, our wide range of walking and trekking holidays may just be what you need to put the excitement into 2017.

Getting fitter and organising an adventure can be great fun and we have something to suit everyone. Our trips range from easy rambles, perhaps combined with some culinary experiences or sightseeing, to full-on strenuous treks and climbing mountain peaks.

Easier Challenges

Whether you need something to help propel you off the couch – or just want to ease yourself into walking gently, we have the perfect solution.

Proving you don’t need to go ‘dry’ to get fitter, trips such as our Walks and Wine Tasting in Spain and Portugal combine easy-graded walking among beautiful landscapes with opportunities to taste the local tipples, from the riojas of Spain to the rich port wines of Portugal.

If you’re a bit of a foodie you can still indulge your passions but justify this by combining it with some easy-going walking. Our Taste of Emilia Romagna holiday sets out from Bologna and explores the region of Italy where Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and balsamic vinegar all come from. You will visit producers and enjoy special tasting meals.

Italy’s beautiful Amalfi Coast is the perfect place to recharge your batteries, with easy-to-moderate-graded stunning coastal walking. This includes the celebrated ‘Walk of the Gods’, the charming island of Capri and the chance to visit the archaeological site of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

Getting Fitter

The Lycian Way was Turkey’s first way-marked long distance trail and our trip offers hikes along unspoilt coast and mountain paths, through traditional villages. You’ll discover ancient sites and enjoy beautiful beaches and harbour towns along the way. The walks are graded moderate and are between eight and 18 kilometres over six days. You should finish your holiday with your legs certainly honed and hopefully tanned!

Jordan is a great destination for those who fancy a walking adventure somewhere a little bit different. Follow the Spice Trails of Petra in the footsteps of the ancient Nabateans (and Indiana Jones!). Walk from the breathtaking canyons of Wadi Rum to the spectacular rock-carved city of Petra and camp out in the desert Bedouin style. The moderate-graded walks and explorations around the vast ancient site will see you as fit and agile as the goats that roam there.

The great thing about walking in the glorious Western US National Parks such as Bryce Canyon and Zion is that on many days you can choose how far you want to push yourself. The trails are well marked and there’s a comprehensive network of buses that link the start and end of many of them. Our walking holiday takes you from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City through five of America’s most beautiful and unique National Parks.

Full-on Challenge

On the famous Tour du Mont Blanc Alpine trek, you’ll cover more than 140 kilometres over eight days of walking through France, Switzerland and Italy and cross five major passes. Completing the circuit is a great personal achievement, as experienced by our very own Tim Hornby last year. Read his blog for inspiration

The Himalaya are the highest mountains on the planet and a magnet for challenge and thrill seekers. The welcoming and inspirational people who live there are another highlight of our Nepal trips. Treks such as the Annapurna Sanctuary, nine days of point-to-point trekking through a breathtaking world of mountain peaks, will leave you both physically fit and mentally refreshed.

Bagging a peak is often seen as the ultimate challenge and what better mountain to climb than Africa’s highest – mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, a volcanic crater looming above the plains at 5895m. Although success can never be guaranteed, we make a slow and steady ascent over seven days and over 95% of our customers reach the summit, including adventure sales consultant Sarah Jayne Harmon who summited in September. Find out how she got on by reading her blog here.

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