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Solo travel does not mean being alone

Travelling solo as part of a group can seem daunting if it’s your first time but the number of people travelling solo is on the rise.

We asked our explorers why they enjoyed travelling solo with us and here are some of their answers.
“I like travelling independently as it opens you up to meeting people.”
On our small group trips solo travellers, couples and friends all travel together; it creates a very sociable dynamic so you can meet lots of other like-minded travellers. If you’re travelling solo it means that you can get to know other people, hear about their travels and maybe even make friends for future trips.
“I have visited places that I would never have felt brave enough to travel to on my own.”
With over 600 trips in 130 countries, chances are we visit a place that you want to see. Whether it’s climbing Morocco’s Mount Toubkal, photographing Chernobyl or discovering Buddha’s Island, with our trips you’re well looked after so you can focus on enjoying yourself without any of the worries you might have if you went on your own.

“I had other people to share the amazing experiences with.”
Being with other like-minded people means that others are with you to share the experiences and make them even more memorable.  When you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see something or visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, having people to share it with can make all the difference.
“The Explore Leaders get you to places I think you’d struggle to explore yourself.”
Our itineraries are designed to cover the main sights while also taking you to see the local side of life. Rather than researching the sight-seeing, transport and accommodation before you go, you can be shown the best spots by your local Explore leader and have all the planning and arrangements taken care of by us.

“You can be selfish and not have to cater to what your friends or family want to do.”
One of the great things about going solo with a small-group is that you can pick and choose how and where you want to explore. Between limited annual leave and life commitments, negotiating what to do with your holidays with your loved ones can be a challenge – so why not join a group trip and make the decision all yours?  
“My experience was very much enhanced by having a local leader. They show you around their country and like to educate you as well.”
Whenever you visit a place you want to come back feeling as though you have learnt about the culture, people and cuisine of a place. Our hand-picked local leaders can show you all the top-tourist spots but they’ll also show you places and restaurants that are only known to locals. Helping you learn more about their culture and way of life.

“No one I know is interested in being an explorer so I’m quite happy to travel on my own!”
The great thing about small group trips is the way they bring people together who are equally as interested in a destination. If there’s somewhere you want to go but no one who you know wants to visit, it doesn’t matter. You can still travel there and you won’t be alone. Our groups are large enough that you’ll find people that you get on with but not so big that you’re over-crowded.
“I like the balance that Explore tours offer of included activities but also free time for one to pursue individual interests, either on one’s own or with others in the group.”
If you like to explore by yourself, our itineraries are designed to make the most of time with the group and time apart. On the days without planned activities, your Explore Leader can make a few suggestions or you can take the opportunity to amble off and just see the local area in your own time. The flexibility means that you can get the best of both worlds.

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