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What you need to know when travelling solo

Travelling solo for the first time can seem like a daunting experience but knowing what to expect and how to prepare for the trip can take the edge off the nerves.
  1. First time in an airport on your own?
With so many timings and locations to remember, often people find the most worrying part happens before they’ve even left the country. If you book your flights with Explore the logistics are taken care of; we’ll send through your all your flight details, including baggage allowance, in advance of departure so that 24 hours before your flight you just need to check-in online. Allow plenty of time to get to the airport and check your luggage in. Once you’ve checked your bag in you can head to security, keep your passport and boarding pass to hand until you’ve been through security; then apart from buying items in the shops in departures, you will now only need these for boarding the plane. If you encounter any issues, contact our team on the number in your final documentation and we’ll make sure things flow smoothly for you.
  1. Handling a foreign airport on your own
Once you’ve landed navigating the next airport can seem just as baffling due to the added language barrier. First port of call is immigration; queue lengths can vary based on the country you’ve landed in and if there is an entry fee to be paid this is often where it’s done. These details will be included in your final documentation, so always read these thoroughly before your trip. After immigration, head to the baggage hall to collect your case and then out to the main exit for the terminal. We give luggage labels to all our travellers so keep an eye out for them in the airport to spot others on your trip. Once you’re outside the airport you’ll see either an Explore logo or your name on a board. This transfer will take you to your first hotel and the start of your trip.
  1. Meeting your travel group
Sometimes the prospect of meeting new people can be the most daunting bit about solo travel. The great thing about our trips is everyone is there for the same reason, and no one would go on these trips if they didn’t want to meet new people. Over the course of the trip, you’re likely to get to know everyone well and some may even become friends that you’ll travel with again. Whether you’re wandering through the local towns, chatting over dinner or sitting with others on the transport there’s plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow travellers without it feeling forced and unnatural.
  1. Deciding what to do on the trip
The great thing about an Explore trip is the itinerary. We make sure that you get the right mixture of organised activities and free days where you can discover the local area at your leisure. On these days your Explore Leader will be able to make suggestions, giving you an idea of what’s involved and costs so you can make the most of your day either spending time alone or joining with others in your group to see the sights.
  1. To share or not to share?
On our trips there are no compulsory single supplements, you can share your room with someone else of the same gender on your trip. This is a great way to get to know someone and can make it easier to meet that first person when you’re travelling alone. If you want your own space though you can pay to have a single room where available; check the trip page for details. 
  1. Getting back at the end of trip
If you finish your holiday on the last day of the trip, a transfer will be available to take you back to the airport. However, if you wish to spend longer in the final destination then you would need to arrange your transfer to the airport; we can arrange this for you at an additional cost, simply ask for details when booking.  
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