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Kevin Morgan, Explore Expedition Leader

Welcome aboard! Kevin Morgan, a vastly experienced Expedition Leader who leads many of our voyages in the Polar regions, is a marine naturalist, a chartered biologist and a member of the Society of Biology for starters. He loves welcoming fellow adventurers on board and sharing his extensive knowledge and experience. He explains:

Expedition experience

I’ve worked on cruise ships since 1995, have sailed the seven seas and explored coasts

around the continents from the polar regions to the tropics. I gained considerable experience in the Arctic and Antarctica, from leading whale-watching trips to working as a polar bear guide in Svalbard and Greenland. I’ve been an expedition naturalist for many years and am an avid birdwatcher, happiest when leading a group or working with a team of researchers.


I’ve led scores of trips all over the world and, in the UK, conduct wildlife surveys (bats, bird, reptiles and amphibians), lecture on my travels, and lead wildlife walking tours. I’m a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, have an Oceanography Masters and  am a member of the Marine Conservation Society. My passion is sharks and I’m a founder member of The Shark Trust – needless to say I’m an experienced sub-aqua diver and free-diver – I can hold my breath for around five minutes.

How are the Expedition crew selected?

All the expedition leaders have vast knowledge in the Polar region; many have studied and worked on conservation projects or over-wintered at one of the research centres and their commitment is truly infectious. It’s vital that they have this experience – they know how to get the best out of an area with unpredictable weather conditions and how to find shy wildlife too! They literally make the difference between an average trip and an awesome, unforgettable one. Give us a try!

Why are the expeditions an education?

There are a variety of lectures offered on board with experts on hand to educate you on what you can expect to see. The talks on Polar history, wildlife, conservation, ice and photography, fully prepare you for your landings and these are carried out during sea-time, so that you feel well-read on the areas that you are visiting.

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