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Togo, Benin and Ghana

Despite a lot of negative media coverage about Ebola in West Africa we have never stopped operating tours to these three captivating and incredible countries. 
Why? Because there have been no cases of Ebola in Ghana, Togo or Benin. What these countries lack in life-threatening diseases they make up for with the friendliest and most colourful people on the planet.

Tourism isn’t mainstream here, so you actually get a chance to “get off the beaten track” and meet and get to know real people and stay in local villages.  Togo and Benin are voodoo countries, a fascinating aspect of rural culture that can be witnessed on our Cradle of Voodoo tour. These ceremonies are not staged for tourists and are an intrinsic part of life here. 

Our Kingdom of the Ashanti tour in Ghana explores the green national parks of this beautiful country and visits 18th century castles and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  The media has painted a dreary picture for this enchanting part of Africa, we think it’s time to discover for yourself and get to know the real West Africa.

Written by Jonny May, Africa Product Manager

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