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Meet our Explore Leader Award Winners

Last week we welcomed Explore Leaders from around the world to Explore HQ for some world class training. We were also joined by Gusti (R), Lhoucine (C) and Miro (L) the runners up from our 2017 Explore Leader Awards. We spent 5 minutes with them to get to know them a little bit more.

What’s the highlight of leading your trip?


“Seeing the icebergs on the black beach at Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon – the landscape is ever changing and I love to go with my family too when I’m not guiding trips.”


“The mixture of cultures throughout the trip - from the northern Arabic cultures to the south with its more nomadic cultures and Berber villages it’s really interesting to see the historical and architectural contrasts.”


“I love the use of public transport on my trip – it’s a fantastic way to interact with the locals. Everyone is very relaxed and welcoming as there are not so many tourists – a great insight into local life. The wine is also great!”

If you could be an Explore Leader anywhere else in the world where would you go?


“I used to live in Paraguay so I’d like to go back and lead Explore trips there.”


“I would choose Turkey, as I feel very at home there and it has so much variety.”


“It would have to be Italy as I can speak Italian and I love how ‘crazy’ the south can be!”

What tip would you give to people coming on one of your trips?


“Bring more money! What is the saying…when you pack take out half of your clothes and bring double the amount of money!”


“Always listen to your Leader. We are there to make your trip enjoyable and safe.”


“Staying up all night and then going to the airport is not always the best idea…!”

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