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Tour Leader Awards 2014

Alongside a cash prize for themselves and the opportunity to visit the UK, the winners and runners-up of our Tour Leader Awards all receive a bursary to donate to a charity of their choice. Our 2014 winners have all chosen charities close to their hearts.

Sudarshan KC's charities are Raksha Nepal and The Sama Foundation (Nepal)
After a meeting with my friends and fellow Tour Leaders in Nepal, I've decided to help the same charity that we helped last year (Raksha Nepal) and also donate a small amount to help another one called Sama Foundation which is just outside the Kathmandu city. We visited Raksha Nepal to handover again some blankets and food (like rice, lentil, cooking oil, beaten rice etc) when most of the Explore leaders were in kathmandu. These are a few photos from our visit:

Abhishek Chordia has chosen Mahavir International (India)
The reason why I chose Mahavir International is because my grandfather was keenly involved with this charity before he passed away. Armed with the motto of "Love All Serve All' and the principle of "Live and let live", Mahavir International has its roots embedded in Indian culture and its spiritual heritage which makes it a social service organisation with a difference. Its doors are open to all persons, irrespective of religion, caste and creed, social status, area and language, as it renders selfless service to persons in distress and those belonging to the weaker and under privileged section of society. Today, with over 350 centres pan India, the organization boasts of a committed member base of about 15,000 people who are holding the torch high! You can learn more about the charity and see some pictures on their website

Nilton Carillo has chosen Mullaka's Misminay (Peru)
This is a charity in the town of Misminay, for the children of the porters who work with us in the Inca Trail. There are about 170 children in the comunity and I have being working with them for more than 10 years, so it would be great to help them more. Aswell as visiting them on some Explore family adventures in Peru, we also work with the mothers of the children and sometimes do weaving them and give gifts like toys and dolls for the children. We'll prepare hot chocolate for the children with the help of the moms and fruit cake as well for them. It's very rewarding work.

Firat Solak chose The TEMA Foundation (Turkey)
I would like to donate to the TEMA Foundation (The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion for Reforestaion and the Protection of Naturel Habitats). Their mission is to increase awareness of environmental problems when it comes to developing Turkey. They also work to promote protection of naturel habitats and ecosystem, conservation of water resources and sustainable use of agricultural lands and rangelands.

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