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NEW Cycling Trips for 2019

From the saddle, you’ll see more. You’ll get closer to the sights, scents and tastes of your destination on two wheels, while travelling at a slower pace enables you to really absorb the atmosphere. Whether you want a gentle ride between vineyards, or are looking for more of a challenge with more distance or hill climbs and time spent in the saddle, we’ve got the trip for you.

Here’s our pick of the new cycling routes for 2019.

1. Cycle South Korea
Another brand new and very original trip, Cycle South Korea combines the modern city of Seoul with moderate-grade cycle rides past traditional fishing villages, coastal scenes and historical temples. The other half of the trip introduces a little-known side to South Korea on the island of Jeju. Here you’ll find white sands and turquoise water, waterfalls, mountains and the fascinating geology of Hallasan volcano. 

2. Cycle Japan – Shimanami Kaido and the Inland Sea
This unique new trip is ideal for somebody wanting to combine some of the more traditional highlights of Japan with a quieter, more authentic side to the country. Very few western visitors experience the beauty of Japan’s Inland Sea or the islands of Awaji and Shikoku. Enjoy the impressive mountain scenery and seascapes from the saddle on moderate to challenging grade rides and explore some of the country’s most beautiful gardens. You’ll also travel by train and by ferry, and will tick off the region’s must-sees, including Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. 

3. Cycling in Georgia
Explore a country that straddles two continents on the new moderate-grade Cycling in Georgia trip. Cycle to ancient cave towns along the Silk Road and through the famous wine-producing Kakheti region. Experience the warmth of Georgian hospitality in local guesthouses, farms and vineyards as you travel through the majestic Caucasus, still largely untouched by tourism.

4. Cycle Cilento to the Amalfi Coast.
Take an active adventure in Italy’s Campania region. Explore the dramatic coastline, rugged interior and pretty fishing villages on moderate-grade rides within the Cilento National Park. Moving up the coast, you’ll ride off the beaten track, and discover the Greek archaeological sites of Velia and Paestum. Finally, after five days in the saddle, you’ll leave the bikes behind and take in the jaw-dropping scenery of the Amalfi Coast on foot on the 'Walk of the Gods'. 

5. Self-Guided Cycling in Sardinia
This new week-long, moderate-grade cycle trip explores Sardinia’s beautiful southern coast. Following the shores of the Sardinian Sea past ancient abandonded mines and Roman ruins in this picturesque area. Taste delicious locals wines from Carignano and satisfying pecorino sardo cheese before taking a refreshing dip after a morning in the saddle. Take your own time cycling and indulge in the scents, sounds and sights of this beautiful Mediterranean gem.


Other new cycle trips include a cycle journey between Porto and Lisbonan exploration of Sicily on two wheels, Cycle Turkey and a self-guided cycling holiday in western Sicily.

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