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Travel Trends for 2019

2019 is fast-approaching and we’ve been looking into our crystal ball and pondering what will be popular. From the macabre fascination of dark tourism to the more unusual and uncommon destinations of Eastern Europe, we’ll cover the events and activities that we think will be hot next year.

Check our travel trend predictions for 2019.

1. Dark tourism
Dark tourism is not a new phenomenon but it's a growing one. This interest could be seen as morbid, but visiting landmarks with a dark past allows visitors to immerse themselves in history and fully appreciate the magnitude of tragic events. Sights like abandoned Chernobyl, Korea's DMZ and Cambodia’s harrowing Killing Fields are fast climbing the travel bucket lists.

After this summer’s Dark Tourist series on Netflix this is a trend that looks set to continue. Trips like Discover Chernobyl show travellers a different side to the experiences that they’ve heard so much about. Over a long weekend, discover the ghost town of Pripyat with its eerie, abandoned playground, the shell around the reactor itself and even meet the few self-settlers still alive today who live inside the Exclusion Zone. Exploring this town is quite a unique experience.

2. Solo travel
Solo travel and solo holidays have become hot topic. The idea of travelling with a group of like-minded travellers, making new friends and seeing the sights you want to see, has a lot of appeal.

Some of our most popular trips for solo travellers tend to be our walking trips, particularly Walking the Gran Isla. Walking and hiking is a great way to meet the locals, take your time and chat easily to other people in your group.

Asia is another great destination for solo travel. Travelling far away, with little knowledge (if any at all) of the language makes travelling here easier if done with a group. Especially when meeting other people that you can explore with.

Our Indochina Encounter trip covers three countries in South East Asia – Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam – over 10 days. Explore bustling Bangkok and discover ancient Angkor temples, before wandering through Old Saigon. All this without having to worry yourself with the logistics of border crossings and hotel hunting. It’s the perfect way to explore for solo travellers.

3. Lesser-known Europe
Lots of travellers are heading to non-EU countries for short culture breaks and to avoid longer flights. Countries like Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine have all had more visitors than ever before. But they all still offer something new without the huge crowds of tourists seen in Western Europe destinations.

Most of these Eastern European countries have some of the coolest cities in Europe. Our new Moldova Short Break trip gives travellers an insight into a different side of Europe. At its heart is a Soviet time-capsule in the breakaway territory of Trans-Dniester. Not formally recognised by the UN, it still has its own government, currency, postal service and even national anthem - it’s a real gem to explore.

4. Slow travel  
With modern day life busier than ever, holidays are our chance to slow down and see things from a different perspective. Put your Out of Office on, set your watch to 'island time and head for the 

Slow travel will definitely trend in 2019 as we try to make the most of precious holiday time.

5. Self-guided walking holidays
Self-guided walking holidays give you the independence to set your own pace, without the hassle of working out routes or planning accommodation. The best thing is stopping for gelato along the way, whenever you want because you set the timetable. You just need to get to the hotel at the end of the day where your luggage will already be waiting for you.

It’s easy to see why this type of travel is becoming more popular. Destinations such as Puglia, Crete and Portugal are some of the best self-guided walking holidays in Europe. Our Self-Guided Andros Trail trip in Greece follows an old mule trail, perfect for exploring this picturesque island. And there’s plenty to discover en route - tranquil harbours, pretty villages and idyllic sandy beaches, perfect for a quick dip and a relaxing break from walking.

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