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The 7 best walking tours in Greece

From the white-washed towns of Santorini to the karst highlands of Corfu, the islands in Greece offer a wide variety of sights and walking terrain. Here’s our quick guide to the best walking tours in Greece.


Greek Island Wanderer

Pace: Moderate

Immerse yourself in the calm and tranquillity of the Cyclades islands on our Greek island-hopping walking tour. From the cobalt-blue domes of ivory-white churches on Santorini to the ancient Byzantine Trails on Paros, there is plenty to see and discover on foot. Stroll along the coastal trails of Syros with far-reaching views across the turquoise ocean and explore the timeworn alleyways and rustic streets of Naxos. 
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Walking the Corfu Trail (South)

Pace: Moderate

Today starts with a steep climb to the second-highest peak on the Greek island of Corfu - Agii Deka. The sun shines brightly in the clear, blue sky as we trek high above clusters of rural villages below. As we reach the top, our efforts are rewarded with breathtaking views across wooded hillsides, azure-blue sea and the dusty red mountains of Albania. We rest for a moment at an abandoned monastery and then continue along cobblestone mule pathways towards the seaside village of Pelekas.
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Crete Walking Tour

Pace: Moderate

Adorned with golden sand beaches, secluded coves, towering limestone mountains and deep canyon gorges, the Greek island of Crete is a walker’s dream. Follow steep zig-zag paths lined with tall cypress trees and alpine shrubs before heading down into Samaria Gorge. Keep a look out for Kri-Kri goats jumping between the steep ledges and wander along the dried river bed. Weathered cliffs rise up all around us, and the pathway narrows the deeper we go. 
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Greek Islands Walking Tour - Andros and Tinos

Pace: Moderate

Go beyond the usual tourist trails to discover the lesser-known islands of Andros and Tinos. Ancient cobblestone pathways lead you to quiet, rural villages steeped in age-old tradition, and treks through verdant valleys lead us to remote bays and beaches where you can rest tired legs and go for a refreshing swim. Wander through the marble-paved streets of Chora to discover pastel-coloured terraces adorned with wrought-iron balconies before relaxing in a local taverna to enjoy a feast of delicious Greek mezze. 
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Greek Cruise and Island Walking Tour

Pace: easy to moderate

Join Captain Thanos on his traditional Greek sailing boat to cruise along the gilded shores of Evia island, stopping to explore a new destination on foot each day. Mooring in the traditional fishing village of Panagia, we drive to the hilltop village of Zarakes before walking down forested hillsides and along the coast. From the top, the red-roofed dwellings look like tiny specks and views of glistening turquoise ocean stretch as far as the eye can see. This afternoon we’ll cruise to the ancient town of Eretria; a treasure trove of archaeological gems waiting to be discovered. 
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Walking the Corfu Trail (North)

Pace: moderate to challenging

From silvery karstic cliffs and groves of twisted olive trees to pristine golden sand beaches and bays lapped by crystal clear turquoise water, the northern part of the Corfu walking trail boasts a variety of natural landscapes and picturesque scenery. Feel as though you’re in the middle of no-where as you trek up to the Karst Plateau and look over towards the lofty red mountains of Albania before descending to the deserted village of Polie Perithia and stopping for a drink in a traditional Greek taverna.
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The Corfu Trail Explorer

Pace: Moderate

Explore every nook and cranny of the verdant Greek island of Corfu on our two-week moderately-paced walking holiday. Cover the full length of the 220-kilometre Corfu Trail, from the ruined monastery of Arkoudillas in the south to the pristine sandy beaches of Agios Georgios and the summit of Pantokrator on the Karst Plateau in the north. Enjoy delicious Greek mezze in the evenings with your fellow hikers and soothe tired legs with dips in the crystal-clear turquoise waters before breakfast. 
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